Judge Cannon open to "reasonable adjustments" in Trump's documents case

 November 2, 2023

Former President Donald Trump is currently facing four separate criminal indictments along with a civil fraud lawsuit in New York.

However, the former president got some good news this week from the judge presiding over his classified documents case.

Judge open to "reasonable adjustments" in his trial schedule

According to the Washington Examiner, United States District Judge Aileen Cannon signaled on Wednesday that she will allow "reasonable adjustments" to his trial schedule.

The newspaper cited a report from New York Times correspondent Alan Feuer who was present in the courtroom when Cannon discussed the issue.

Cannon explained that her decision is prompted by her concern the proceedings might "collide" with Trump's other legal proceedings.

Documents trial set to begin in same month as D.C. case

The judge went on to point out that Trump is set to go on trial in Washington, D.C. on charges related to his conduct following the 2020 election the same month that his document case is scheduled to begin.

"While Judge Cannon didn’t say from the bench what adjustments she intends to make she did express skepticism that everything could be 'accomplished in this compressed period of time,'" Feuer wrote.

Meanwhile, Guardian contributor Hugo Lowell reported that "Judge Cannon appeared inclined to delay the timetable for Trump classified docs case."

He added that Cannon said, "she would enter order as soon as possible on adjustments to the schedule — repeatedly noted the prospect of clashes w 2020 case in DC set to start in March."

DOJ warns Cannon not to "be manipulated"

Forbes reported that for their part, Department of Justice attorneys filed a motion in which they argued that Trump has an "overriding interest in delaying both trials at any cost."

The prosecution's filing then went on to caution the court to not "allow itself to be manipulated" by the former president.

Forbes also pointed out that if Trump is successfully able to delay his federal trials until after next year's election then it would give him the opportunity to halt them via a pardon should he win.

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