Judge denies Trump lawyer's request for new Carroll case trial

 July 21, 2023

A judge turned down a request by former President Donald Trump's lawyers for a new trial in the case of E. Jean Carroll.

U.S. District Judge Lewis Kaplan rejected Trump's claim that the $5 awarded in damages was excessive, along with other concerns.

The ruling

“There is no basis for disturbing the jury’s sexual assault damages,” Kaplan wrote. “And Mr. Trump’s arguments with respect to the defamation damages are no stronger."

“The definition of rape in the New York Penal Law is far narrower than the meaning of ‘rape’ in common modern parlance, its definition in some dictionaries, in some federal and state criminal statutes, and elsewhere," he added.

Carroll's response

"Now that the court has denied Trump's motion for a new trial or to decrease the amount of the verdict, E. Jean Carroll looks forward to receiving the $5 million in damages that the jury awarded her," Carroll's attorney, Roberta Kaplan, said in a statement.

"In rendering its verdict in May, the jury held Trump liable for battering Carroll, but did not find that he raped her as alleged, instead holding him liable for sexual assault," ABC News added.

Still going

"The Manhattan federal jury in April found the former president liable for sexual abuse of the 'Ask E. Jean' advice columnist and for defaming her in a lengthy October 2022 post on his social media platform Truth Social in which he called her allegations a 'hoax' and denied knowing her," the New York Post reported.

"Carroll still has an open case claiming that Trump defamed her in 2019 — when she went public about her allegations — by denying knowing her, which she said damaged her reputation as a journalist," it added.

The case is part of a number of legal battles Trump continues to face in his effort to return to the White House.

In addition to Carroll's lawsuits, the former president faces a potential indictment over his role on Jan. 6, 2021, from special counsel Jack Smith and a potential trial over election interference concerns in Georgia.

The ruling in the Carroll case has not taken away from Trump's popularity, however, as he continues to hold a strong lead in polls among Republican nominees.


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