Judge gives Trump permission to attend son Barron's high school graduation

 May 1, 2024

Former President Donald Trump hasn't been a fan of the judge presiding over his "hush money" case from the first day he was assigned to it. 

But the former president's frustrations with Judge Juan Merchan boiled over a few weeks ago when it was made clear that there was a chance Mr. Trump wouldn't be able to attend his son Barron Trump's high school graduation.

According to Fox News, after ripping Merchan mercilessly across social media and in statements, a decision was finally released by the judge indicating that the former president would be allowed to attend the graduation ceremony.

Trump and his lawyers had pushed the judge for weeks on making the decision.

Decision is in

The requested day off of the trial, May 17th, was essentially put in limbo by Merchan until this week.

"I don’t think the May 17 date is a problem," Merchan said earlier this week. Earlier this month, Trump torched Merchan for leaving the decision hanging in the air.

"(Barron’s) a great student and he’s very proud of the fact he did so well and was looking forward for years to having his graduation with his mother and father there, and it looks like the judge isn’t going to allow me to escape this scam. It’s a scam trial," Trump said at the time.

In another post, he wrote, "Who will explain for me, to my wonderful son, Barron, who is a GREAT Student at a fantastic School, that his Dad will likely not be allowed to attend his Graduation Ceremony, something that we have been talking about for years, because a seriously Conflicted and Corrupt New York State Judge wants me in Criminal Court on a bogus 'Biden Case' which, according to virtually all Legal Scholars and Pundits, has no merit, and should NEVER have been brought."

Fox News noted that it hasn't been determined whether or not the trial will continue on that day or if they'll take the day off as a result of Trump's request.

Social media reacts

The news brought with it plenty of reactions across social media.

"The judge was way out of line in trying to keep President Trump from Barron’s graduation," one X user wrote.

Another X user wrote, "Do you think they will allow him to participate in his campaign now?"

Though it took far too long for the judge to decide the matter, it was obviously the right and decent call.

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