Judge hears closing arguments on whether Fani Willis should be disqualified

 March 2, 2024

Fulton County DA Fani Willis will soon learn her fate as it relates to her case against former President Donald Trump after prosecutors and defendants made their closing arguments on Friday, USA Today reported

Willis, along with her romantic partner and lead prosecutor on the Trump case, Nathan Wade, shocked the nation with days of testimony that raised mountains of questions regarding when their relationship began.

Fulton County Superior Court Judge Scott McAfee heard the closing arguments from both sides, which were described as "fiery."

Lawyers for the co-defendants in the case are pushing for Willis and her office to be kicked off of the Trump case, arguing that there's an obvious conflict of interest given her relationship with Wade.

Closing arguments set

Both sides "clashed" during the closing arguments as questions were raised regarding ethics and evidence.

At issue is the fact that Willis and Wade seemingly lied about when their romantic and financially beneficial relationship began. Witnesses have come forward to claim that their relationship started as early as 2019 -- far before Willis and Wade's claim that it began in 2021.

Fox News noted:

John Merchant, attorney for Roman, argued Friday that Georgia law is clear in that the judge should use the legal standard of an "appearance" of conflict being enough to disqualify Willis, and said that Wade was "part of the scheme she created intentionally in order to give benefits to her boyfriend."

Prosecutors arguing on behalf of Willis insisted that the push to disqualify her from the Trump case is "absurd and desperate."

"It’s ridiculous, it’s absurd and it’s desperate," prosecutor Adam Abbate said during closing arguments. "It’s a desperate attempt to remove a prosecutor from a case for absolutely no reason, your honor, other than harassment and embarrassment."

Both Willis and Wade were present for the closing arguments on Friday. Each side was provided 90 minutes to make their case.

Social media reacts

Many social media users commented on how Willis reacted while seated in the courtroom for the closing arguments.

"Fani Willis knows she committed massive fraud against her constituents and she’s hoping that by some miracle the judge doesn’t care. Her defense witnesses, including herself, only hurt her case. As always it’s up to whether the judge is corrupt or decent," one X user wrote.

Willis' fate will reportedly be decided within the next two weeks, according to the judge.

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