Judge in Fani Willis divorce case interrupts her lawyer

 January 23, 2024

The lawyer for Trump prosecutor Fani Willis was interrupted by a judge Monday during a dramatic hearing in the divorce dispute between Willis' alleged love interest, Nathan Wade, and his ex-wife.  

Willis is accused of having an extra-marital affair with Wade, who she hired to work on her high-profile, ambitious case against Trump and 18 others in Georgia.

Willis interrupted by judge

Willis was scheduled to testify Tuesday, but Cobb County judge Henry Thompson decided to delay her deposition until he hears from Wade first.

Willis' lawyer, Cinque Axam, had told the judge that Willis has nothing relevant to share because the divorce is no-fault.

"Both parties have alleged that [the marriage] is irretrievably broken," Axam said. "Alleging adultery is not relevant."

Axam also said Willis is preoccupied with prosecuting Trump, but the judge pressed Axam to give clarification on whether Willis has any "unique personal knowledge" relevant to the divorce case.

"Let me interrupt you....Are you saying that your client lacks unique personal knowledge that could not be discovered in some other way?" he asked.

Love triangle blows up case

Willis has been mostly quiet about the scandal, other than to accuse her critics of singling her out because she is black.

She has called Wade a "great friend and a great lawyer" while accusing his wife of "conspiring" with the defendants to "annoy, embarrass, and oppress” her.

One of Trump's codefendants, Michael Roman, accused Willis of an improper relationship with Wade and said she should be removed from the case.

Wade's ex-wife, Joycelyn Wade, has subpoenaed Willis, saying she has relevant information to share. Wade's wife shared credit card statements with the court that show her husband bought plane tickets for Willis to Miami and San Francisco.

"I have questions," Andrea Hastings, a lawyer for Jocylyn Wade, said during Monday's hearing. "And she needs to answer them."

Hastings said Willis may have unique information about Wade's finances, but the judge interjected.

"Seems to me that Mr. Wade would be the first and best source of information on what his income has been and how he's been spending it," the judge said.

The love triangle has become a huge embarrassment that could derail the case against Trump.

The judge overseeing Willis' case has set a hearing for February 15 to weigh the misconduct claims against her.

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