Judge in Trump case receives another request to disqualify Fani Willis

 February 6, 2024

One of the men charged alongside Donald Trump in Fani Willis' 2020 election case has asked the judge to dismiss her.

David Shafer cited Willis' "prejudicial" public statements and her widely publicized affair with a top prosecutor as reasons to disqualify her.

Shafer, the former chair of the Georgia Republican party, was charged over his role as a so-called "fake elector" in the 2020 election.

Willis disqualified?

In his motion to dismiss, Shafer cited "self-inflicted" blows, including Willis' financial and romantic ties to Nathan Wade, an inexperienced prosecutor who Willis hired to work on the ambitious, sprawling case against Trump and several others.

Shafer also cited Willis' "prejudicial" comments characterizing him as a "fake elector," as well as public comments at a church in Atlanta, as further evidence of prosecutorial misconduct.

In a speech at Bethel AME Church, Willis dismissed her critics as racist and said, "you cannot expect black women to be perfect and save the world."

Shafer said the "obvious intent" of Willis' remarks was "to inject and infect the jury pool."

Willis has strayed “wildly from the legal guardrails that are designed to protect the accused from improper, extrajudicial comments," Shafer said.

Willis seeks to get out of hearing

Another Trump co-defendant, Michael Roman, blew the top off the affair scandal in January when he asked the court to dismiss Willis, saying she defrauded taxpayers.

Wade was allegedly paid over $600,000 and used some of the money to take Willis on expensive trips.

After weeks of dithering, Willis confirmed Friday that she had a relationship with Wade, but she insisted there was no conflict of interest requiring her to step down.

She asked the judge to let the case proceed "without further spectacle" ahead of a February 15 hearing, where both Wade and Willis have been summoned to testify.

A lawyer for Roman urged the judge not to deny him the opportunity to cross-examine Willis after she made numerous "false" claims about her affair, including that she never cohabited with Wade.

In his own motion, Shafer noted that the hearing is needed "to obtain a complete financial picture of the gifts and benefits which Wade has bestowed on District Attorney Willis" and that Willis "presumably possess a personal interest" in her lover continuing to be paid for his work on the case.

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