Judge orders mass release of migrants caught rioting at the border: Report

 April 1, 2024

A Texas judge has ordered the release of the migrants who violently stormed the southern border in a widely publicized riot. 

A large crowd of Venezuelan men overpowered National Guard troops and ripped down razor wire in the shocking incident, which was captured on video on March 21.

Rather than send a strong message to these lawbreakers, Presiding Magistrate Judge Humberto Acosta has ordered the prosecutor to let them go.

Rioting migrants released

In a Sunday order, Acosta ruled that the District Attorney wasn't moving in a timely fashion to schedule detention hearings, the El Paso Times reported. 

The District Attorney's office asked for more time, but the judge rejected the request.

“It does not appear that these cases will be filed anytime soon, as they do not seem to be in the DA’s office. So if the DA is indicating they are not ready to proceed, we are going to release these individuals on their own recognizances,” the judge ruled.

Some of the rioters are facing separate charges for assault and criminal mischief. It's not clear if they, too, will be let go.

39 out of the more than 200 charged with rioting have detainers with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), but given the Biden administration's track record, it's likely that these migrants will be free very shortly.

No stop to border insanity

Some of the migrants had knives and one of them tried to grab a guardsman's gun, the New York Post reported.

“These people were willing to assault military,” the National Guard source told The Post. “They were willing to assault law enforcement. They have complete disregard for our law."

Ironically, the migrants had sought to turn themselves in to Border Patrol in a bid for "asylum" - believing, no doubt, that the Biden administration would let them right in.

Given the recent string of shocking crimes by illegals, it appears unfortunately likely that the mass release of these ruffians is going to end badly.

They have already shown, with their violent actions, that they are anything but "asylum seekers," but rather troublemakers who should be swiftly deported to their country of origin.

Once again, a liberal judge has substituted his own personal agenda for the rule of law, leaving innocent Americans to suffer the consequences.

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Thomas Jefferson
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