Judge orders pro-life activist be kept in jail because of 'violent' actions

 September 25, 2023

A Washington, D.C. judge ordered on Friday that 29-year-old abortion activist Lauren Handy be kept in jail awaiting sentencing under the FACE Act, arguing that her crime was "violent" even though no one was physically hurt by any of her actions.

Handy and four other activists were remanded to jail on August 29 after being found guilty of the FACE Act and also a conspiracy to prevent abortions by blocking the Washington Surgi-Clinic entrance in October 2020.

Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly, who has claimed that abortion is a constitutional right under the 13th Amendment prohibiting slavery, denied a previous emergency motion to release Handy.

U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit Judges Robert Wilkins, an Obama appointee; Justin Walker, a Trump appointee strongly supported by Mitch McConnell; and Gregory Katsas, another Trump appointee, all refused to release Handy.

"Failed to develop"

Katsas issued a concurring opinion that said he didn't think Handy's lawyers made their case well, but that if they had, his decision might have been different.

Handy's attorneys "failed to develop" their argument that her actions did not meet the definition of "violence," he said.

Those lawyers wasted no time filing an expedited appeal, along with two other co-defendants.

There are a total of eight pro-life activists in jail awaiting sentencing for the same incident, and two of them are over age 70. Another activist involved pled guilty and is serving 10 months in jail, and a tenth activist is still awaiting a separate trial on the charges.

A disturbing pattern

The incident by the left-wing pro-life group Progressive Anti-Abortion Uprising (PAAU) took place five days after Handy and the group's former executive director and current Democratic presidential candidate Terrisa Bukovinac discovered the remains of 115 babies in a waste box at the clinic.

Especially disturbing is their alleged finding that five of the babies could potentially have been killed after being born, which is against federal law.

D.C. police are now investigating the group for whether their methods of discovery of the remains violated any laws, but they are not investigating the clinic and whether it broke any laws.

This follows a larger pattern of police cracking down on pro-life activists, who are generally peaceful, but largely ignoring pro-abortion activists, who have bombed pro-life pregnancy centers and make up 70% of the threats of violence against women's health facilities.

More pro-life activists have been charged by the DOJ than pro-abortion activists, which tells us everything we need to know about what's happening in the DOJ.

Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX) and 25 co-sponsors introduced legislation on Tuesday to repeal the FACE Act, but with a Democrat-majority Senate and Democrat president, it won't go anywhere.


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