Judge postpones Trump deposition in lawsuit from disgraced FBI agent Peter Strzok

 May 15, 2023

Donald Trump will not have to testify, for now, in a case brought by disgraced FBI agents Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, after a federal judge agreed to postpone a deposition.

Strzok was the top FBI agent on the Crossfire Hurricane investigation, the FBI's probe (which they named after a Rolling Stones song for some reason) of unfounded Trump-Russia "collusion."

In 2018, Strzok was fired over texts he exchanged with Page, his mistress, which included an infamous oath to "stop" Trump and discussion of a so-called "insurance policy" against his election.

Strzok sued for wrongful termination in 2019, and Page also sued, citing privacy violations.

Trump deposition postponed

Since his firing, Strzok has found a new home as a go-to "expert" on the anti-Trump cable news lawfare circuit, infamously declaring in an MSNBC hit last year that 9/11 "was nothing" compared to January 6th.

In an ironic twist, the Biden administration is fighting Strzok's push for Trump to testify. It's not entirely clear why, but it could be to shield the prerogatives of the presidency, which Democrats currently control.

The Biden White House has declined to invoke executive privilege to shield Trump from testifying, but the DOJ has quibbled with the order of the depositions, saying FBI director Christopher Wray should be deposed first.

Washington D.C. Judge Amy Berman Jackson satisfied the request so the case could move forward, citing intractable disagreements between the parties. Strzok had wanted Trump to testify on May 24.

"However, in order to get the parties -- who apparently still cannot agree on anything -- over this impasse, it is hereby ORDERED that the deposition of Christopher Wray proceed first, rendering the instant motion moot."

FBI's reputation in tatters

The DOJ argues that deposing a U.S. president is an extraordinary request that is not justified in this instance, since Wray's testimony would likely render Trump's redundant. It's an ironic argument, coming from the same DOJ that oversaw an unprecedented raid of Trump's home.

"For decades, the D.C. Circuit and virtually every other court of appeals have recognized that subjecting high-level government officials—to say nothing of current or former Presidents— 'to oral deposition is not normally countenanced,'" prosecutors wrote to Jackson.

Strzok claims his texts were protected political speech under the First Amendment.

Years after the texts were unearthed, the FBI continues to come under scrutiny for bias against conservatives, which has become even more pronounced under President Biden.

Special Counsel John Durham released his report Monday on the FBI's Trump-Russia probe, finding the agency "failed to uphold their important mission of strict fidelity to the law."

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