Judge previously disqualified Fani Willis from 2020 election case for political bias

 January 24, 2024

The case involving the 2020 Georgia election results was previously taken from Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis's docket. 

This comes as Willis is currently facing criticism for allegedly misusing public monies to appoint her secret lover, as The Daily Caller reported.

Willis was unable to bring charges against Georgia state senator when Judge Robert McBurney barred him from doing so.

The Offending Actions

Willis reportedly hosted a fundraiser for Democratic candidate Charlie Bailey in his runoff election, following which Burt Jones—who was running for lieutenant governor at the time—was informed, according to NBC News.

The investigation into Jones, who was allegedly linked with other state Republicans to use an alternate slate of electors to swing the 2020 election results, was "harmful" to the probe, according to McBurney's rumored ruling that Willis' participation in the fundraiser.

If Willis were to get involved, though, McBurney warned of "entirely reasonable concerns of politically motivated persecution," as reported by the site.

“Any decision the district attorney makes about Senator Jones in connection with the grand jury investigation is necessarily infected by it,” McBurney ruled, according to NBC News.

McBurney asserted that Willis’ donation to a Democrat campaign, while not disqualifying in itself, the donation “added to the weight of the conflict created by the more extensive, direct, public and job-related campaign work the district attorney performed on behalf of candidate Bailey.”

“This choice — which the district attorney was within her rights as an elected official to make — has consequences,” McBurney ruled, according to NBC News. “She had bestowed her office’s imprimatur upon Senator Jones’s opponent.”

Willis' Response

Willis was allowed to keep working on the inquiry into the other "fake electors," even though she had already served subpoenas on Jones and others involved. Jones would also need to face charges from a different prosecutor, according to McBurney's ruling.

Willis is facing accusations of misappropriation of county funds for the representation of her accused lover, Nathan Wade, in their legal battle against Trump.

Christopher Campbell, a partner at Wade & Campbell Firm, was engaged by Willis to act as a "Taint Attorney," a person who examines confidential documents.The special prosecutor in the Trump case, Wade, was appointed in November 2021 despite allegations of a love affair.

According to Willis's bank records, Wade used his name to buy plane tickets for his own holidays. Willis' office has paid Wade's firm almost $654,000 since 2022.

Ever since, some have started to wonder if she should have been recused from the case and how involved she was.

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