Judge rejects Alvin Bragg's request to block congressional subpoena

 April 20, 2023

House Judiciary Chairman Jim Jordan began an investigation earlier this month of Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg's use of federal funds in his prosecution of former President Donald Trump.

For his part, Bragg has responded by challenging Jordan's actions in court. Yet in a development sure to make Trump smile, the district attorney was just dealt a legal blow. 

Judge won't block subpoena

According to the Washington Examiner, District Judge Mary Kay Vyskocil has refused to block a subpoena issued by the House Judiciary Committee.

The subpoena is directed towards Mark Pomerantz, a former prosecutor in the Manhattan district attorney's office who published a book called "People vs. Donald Trump: An Inside Account."

While Bragg argued that the committee lacks authority to subpoena Pomerantz as its investigation is not being conducted for a "valid legislative purpose," Vyskocil said otherwise.

"The subpoena was issued with a 'valid legislative purpose' in connection with the 'broad' and 'indispensable' congressional power to 'conduct investigations,'" she wrote in her ruling on Wednesday.

"No one is above the law"

"It is not the role of the federal judiciary to dictate what legislation Congress may consider or how it should conduct its deliberations in that connection," Vyskocil declared.

"Mr. Pomerantz must appear for the congressional deposition," the federal judge continued, adding, "No one is above the law."

While Vyskocil did concede that the committee may have political motivations, she concluded that such facts are beyond the scope of her view.

"I’m talking about the subpoena," Vyskocil stressed. "That’s what’s in front of me, not all the political rhetoric that’s been flying back and forth that’s all color, it’s all theater, but it’s not what’s in front of me."

Jordan accuses Bragg of trying to obstruct investigation

"We look forward to his deposition," the Examiner noted that a House Judiciary Committee spokesperson responded to news of Vyskocil's decision.

Earlier this month, Jordan slammed Bragg's legal efforts to throw up legal roadblocks, accusing the liberal prosecutor of attempting to obstruct Congress from carrying out its duty.

"We have a constitutional duty to get to the facts, particularly when you have a district attorney interfering with the most important election we have, which is the election of the commander-in-chief; the president of the United States," Jordan told Fox News' "Special Report."

"He takes us to court because we want to talk to someone who left the DA's office a year ago, who went out and wrote a book on this very subject, did all kinds of interviews, was pushing to go after President Trump before he got there," the Ohio congressman added.

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