Judge restricts use of 'salacious' evidence in upcoming Hunter Biden gun trial

 May 27, 2024

The next few months are certain to be filled with stress and embarrassment for the entire Biden family, but first son Hunter got at least some good news last week from the federal judge overseeing one of his criminal cases.

As Fox News reports, Judge Maryellen Norieka, presiding over Hunter Biden's upcoming trial on gun charges, ruled Friday that prosecutors will be barred from using certain, arguably salacious evidence against the president's son.

Judge restricts evidence in Biden trial

According to the outlet, Norieka determined that special counsel David Weiss and his team will be prohibited from introducing any references to Hunter Biden's discharge from the U.S. Navy as they attempt to secure a conviction for alleged violation of federal firearms laws.

Furthermore, the prosecution team will not be able to introduce information about Hunter Biden's child support battles concerning his young daughter, born out of wedlock, who is currently living in Arkansas.

Norieka's ruling came in response to a motion in limine filed by Biden's legal team which sought to have the court exclude "salacious" details of his naval discharge and his court battle with the mother of his youngest child, Navy Joan Roberts, and while the judge said that Weiss may not use the term “extravagant lifestyle” when discussing the first son's spending habits, he may make use of evidence demonstrating the same.

It was previously revealed that the government intended to utilize parts of Hunter Biden's own memoir as well as his infamous laptop to help establish his guilt in the case related to his purchase of a gun in 2018 while allegedly addicted to narcotics.

The judge has already indicated that Weiss and his team are required to show that the first son was addicted to drugs at the time of the purchase, but they do not necessarily need to prove that he used drugs on the precise day the transaction occurred.

Embarrassing details likely to emerge

Even with the restrictions placed on the prosecution by Norieka, it seems likely that numerous, highly embarrassing details of Hunter's past life will emerge at trial, given the witnesses who are expected to be called.

As the New York Post has reported, Hunter Biden's ex-wife, Kathleen Buhle, as well as several of his former romantic interests are slated to take the stand.

Hallie Biden, the widow of Hunter's brother and someone with whom he later had an affair, is anticipated to provide recollections of the defendant's drug use, as is former girlfriend Zoe Kestan, who is said to have information on what was described as his “near-constant” abuse of illegal substances at the time in question.

Prosecutors have reportedly been informed by Kestan that in 2018, when the gun purchase occurred, Hunter smoked crack cocaine “every 20 minutes except when he slept.”

President on edge

The gun trial – as well as Hunter Biden's federal tax trial set for September – comes at a particularly inopportune time for the president, who is in the midst of a contentious re-election campaign against presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump.

Furthermore, the strain of the upcoming proceedings is reportedly such that some White House insiders are concerned that it may impede the president's ability to do his job going forward.

Staffers close to Joe Biden told Politico, “He worries about Hunter every single day, from the moment he wakes up to the moment he goes to sleep,” and considering the massive challenges and dangers facing the country at the moment, such distractions create a scenario that is utterly unfair to the citizenry.

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