Judge rules against federal program that gives birth control to teens without parental consent

 December 26, 2022

In a move sure to outrage many on the left, a judge just barred the Department of Health and Human Services from providing birth control to teens without their parent's consent.

Judge Matthew Kacsmaryk presides over the Northern District of Texas, and according to Fox News, he ruled last Tuesday that HHS' Title X family planning program is violating both state and federal laws.

Judge points to Texas Family Code

Specifically, the Trump appointee took issue with Title X's practice of providing confidential birth control to anyone regardless of age.

In his ruling, Kacsmaryk concluded that Title X's actions are in contravention of the Texas Family Code as well as the Due Process Clause of the 14th Amendment.

However, Fox News noted that Kacsmaryk did not issue an injunction, meaning Title X can continue providing contraception while the matter is being litigated.

His decision came in response to a lawsuit brought by a Texas father named Alex Deanda, who is represented by former Texas Solicitor General Jonathan Mitchell.

Not without consent

Mitchell told the court that Deanda is "raising each of his daughters in accordance with Christian teaching on matters of sexuality, which requires unmarried children to practice abstinence and refrain from sexual intercourse until marriage."

Mitchell explained that Deanda "wishes to be informed if any of his children are accessing or attempting to access prescription contraception and other family-planning services.

What's more, the lawyer stressed that his client "does not want his children to obtain or use these drugs or services unless he consents."

"Threatens the health and lives of young people"

Fox News reported that Kacsmaryk's ruling was immediately blasted in a statement put out by Alexis McGill Johnson, who serves as president and CEO of Planned Parenthood Federation of America.

"This ruling threatens the health and lives of young people, who may be stripped of their ability to access the health care they need to build healthy lives," she complained.

Johnson was not alone in voicing opposition, as National Family Planning and Reproductive Health Association president and CEO Clare Coleman did so as well.

"In a family planning setting, it is critical that adolescents have access to high-quality, confidential care from a provider who supports and respects their values," she declared.

"Title X-funded providers are considered highly trusted sources of health care information for their patients, and not being able to access confidential care will block a critical pathway to essential health services for young people."

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