Judge shoots down Oregon ballot measure that would enact firearm permitting system

December 7, 2022

A judge just ruined the day of thousands of anti-gun liberals in Oregon, one of the most progressive states in the nation, Breitbart reported

Firearm permitting has become somewhat rare in past years as states have done away with such measures, which proved to be burdensome and, at a foundational level, anti-Constitutional.

But that didn't stop the liberal bastion of Oregon from trying.

A ballot measure known as BM 114 was just iced by Circuit Court Judge Richard S. Raschio.

The details

While the ballot measure isn't completely dead, Judge Raschio handed down a temporary restraining order against it, preventing it from taking effect.

The ruling comes in the wake of a lawsuit filed by Gunowners Of America (GOA), the Gun Owners Foundation, Gliff Asmussen, and Joseph Arnold, Breitbart noted.

The ballot measure, which passed, would have taken effect starting Dec. 8.

"With implementation [of measure 114], there are serious harms to the public interest as well, which could include individuals being arrested and prosecuted for Class A misdemeanors under what could be found to be an unconstitutional statutory scheme," the ruling read.

The TRO blocking the measure was issued on Tuesday, Dec. 6.

Twitter reaction

While some of the usual suspects were presumably unhappy with the judge's decision, the TRO ruling was well-received by many.

"Good work! Keep the pressure on and destroy the states arguments to make it clear how wrong they are!" one Twitter user wrote.

Another user added, "I just became a member of GOA. Thank God for you people."

While there are still more legal fights ahead concerning the matter, it looks as though the early victory could set some level of precedent.

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