Judge slaps temporary block on South Carolina's 6-week abortion ban

 May 30, 2023

A federal circuit judge temporarily blocked a South Carolina law that bans abortion after six weeks until the state Supreme Court can review the law and decide whether it's constitutional.

The block came on Friday after Planned Parenthood of the South Atlantic, Greenville Women’s Clinic, and two doctors filed a lawsuit against the state, and only one day after Governor Henry McMaster (R) signed the The Fetal Heartbeat and Protection from Abortion Act into law.

Because of the block, women will now be able to continue getting abortions in the state up to 22 weeks of pregnancy while the matter is reviewed.

“Today the court has granted our patients a welcome reprieve from this dangerous abortion ban,” Planned Parenthood of the South Atlantic CEP Jenny Black said in a statement on Friday. “Our doors remain open, and we are here to provide compassionate and judgment-free health care to all South Carolinians. While we have a long fight ahead, we will not stop until our patients are again free to make their own decisions about their bodies and futures.”

Twisting language

As usual, PP has twisted the language to make it seem like abortion is "compassionate" and being pro-life is "dangerous," when the opposites for both are true.

What's more dangerous to an unborn baby than abortion, the taking of its life?

The lawsuit says that the six-week ban violates South Carolinian’s constitutional right to privacy, equal protection, and substantive due process.

It's the usual gobbledygook to try to justify the federal right to abortion when it never existed in the Constitution and it no longer exists in legal precedent.

Conservative court

It's unsure how the law will fare when it is reviewed by the supreme court, which is composed of five members that Ballotpedia says are "nonpartisan," but the court itself is rated Republican and was judged to be the ninth most conservative state supreme court.

It's hard to think such a court would try to find constitutionality for abortion when none exists.

Still, one never knows what will happen with a particular court looking at a particular case.

McMaster filed an emergency motion to speed up the review of the case, hoping for a quick resolution in his favor that would allow the law to be fully implemented.

Every life is precious

As McMaster said in a tweet, every life is a precious gift from God.

" A free people [claim] their rights, as derived from the laws of nature."
Thomas Jefferson
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