Judge Still Hasn't Set New Trial Date, And Trump Likes It That Way

 May 5, 2024

Judge Aileen Cannon of Florida has yet to rule on when Donald Trump's trial that she's overseeing is going to start.

This is important, because the date is currently set as May 20, but with each passing moment, that looks less and less likely to happen.

Two months ago, both sides asked Judge Cannon for a new Trump date.

They've been waiting for the news for a while now.

Judge Cannon still hasn't made a decision despite the May 20 date fast approaching.

Back on March 1, during a hearing at the federal courthouse in Fort Pierce, Florida, defense attorneys representing Donald Trump and his co-defendants and prosecutors both asked Judge Aileen Cannon for a new trial date.

Federal prosecutors suggested sometime in July, but Donald Trump's team was not happy with that.

Trump's side has said different things at different times.

During the March hearing, Trump's people suggested that August might be an appropriate time to start the trial, although they later decided that it would be "unfair" to have the trial occur anytime before the November presidential election.

Judge Cannon has yet to rule.

Donald Trump's hush money trial in New York that was brought about by Alvin Bragg is still going on, so how could Trump and his people be ready to start another trial so soon?

"It's just not possible to schedule a trial this close when there are still outstanding motions Judge Cannon needs to decide," said Alain Sanders, a political science professor of emeritus at Saint Peter's University. "We'll have to see what new date she decides to set. That hasn't been decided yet. Of course, it should have been decided by her weeks ago."

Legal analysts think that this might be just the thing Donald Trump needs to delay the trial for quite some time.

As we've learned in the past, any delay in any of his trials is a victory for Trump.

If Trump the man can stay out of jail until Election Day 2024, then maybe Trump the president can make all of his problems go away.

Donald's chances of winning the election are certainly greater than his chances of winning each one of his cases without losing any, so this is a plan that just might work.

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