Judge temporarily bars border agents from cutting razor wire at Texas border

 October 31, 2023

U.S. District Judge Alia Moses gave the state of Texas a temporary restraining order on Monday that prevents federal border patrol agents from cutting razor wire installed by the state at Eagle Pass, Texas to keep illegal immigrants from entering the U.S. there.

The agents cannot remove, disassemble, degrade or tamper with the concertina wire installed by Texas unless there is a "medical emergency that most likely results in the injury or death to a person,” and there are no boats or “other life-saving apparatus” on that side of the wire to assist.

The wire is an attempt by Texas to do what the federal government won't: stop the flood of illegal immigrants into the country and specifically into Texas, where they are causing major disruptions to people's daily lives and to border towns.

Of course, environmentalists and migrant advocates are up in arms because the illegal immigrants are hurting themselves on the wire.

"Likely to succeed"

Seems like the wire is having the proper deterrent effect.

The suit filed by Texas last week claims that the Border Patrol agents are destroying state property by cutting the wire and are also “undermining” Texas's efforts to ensure its security amid the migrant crisis.

Moses thought Texas was "likely to succeed" in the suit since it can establish that it owns the wire and and that the defendants in the case damaged it without the state's permission.

The judge also said the case could succeed on the basis of public interest, since the wire prevents a host of illegal activities besides crossing the border, including drug and human trafficking.

Texas has had it

There will be another preliminary hearing in the case on November 7, at which time the restraining order could be lifted or could remain in place.

The order is set to remain until November 13 unless it is extended.

The wire is one of several actions Texas has taken to curtail illegal immigration at the state level. Governor Greg Abbott and the legislature have been taking these steps because of the Biden administration's lack of control at the border and seeming willingness to see millions of illegal immigrants let into the U.S. to await asylum hearings that they have very little chance of winning.

Texas has also put buoys in the Rio Grande River to deter crossings, for which they have been sued by the DOJ.

Additionally, they have instituted a program of bussing migrants to other states, mostly to declared sanctuary cities like New York and Chicago, whose mayors are now expressing dismay at the influx.

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