Judge who slapped Trump with monster $350 million fine takes a swipe at daughter Ivanka

 February 20, 2024

The New York judge who slapped Donald Trump with a $350 million fine singled out his eldest daughter Ivanka in a sharply worded ruling. 

While Ivanka was not a defendant in the civil fraud case, Judge Arthur Engoron criticized her "inconsistent recall" on the witness stand.

Ivanka, who left the Trump Organization to work for her father in the White House, was dropped from the fraud case over an expired statute of limitations.

Her buttoned-up testimony was a contrast with the more bombastic performances of her brother Donald Jr. and her father, who made frequent appearances in court to denounce the case as a witch hunt.

Judge targets Ivanka

Engoron described Ivanka as "poised" and "thoughtful" but knocked her inability to recall her involvement in some of her father's business activities, even when presented with contemporaneous records.

"The Court found her inconsistent recall, depending on whether she was questioned by OAG [New York attorney general's office] or the defense, suspect," Engoron wrote.

Engoron showed little restraint throughout the trial, which devolved into a soap opera of sorts with Engoron embracing the role of Trump antagonist.

The judge's $350 million judgment - likely much higher when interest is included - is a strike at Trump's legacy as an American real estate icon.

In addition to the staggering fine, Trump was barred from operating a business in New York for three years, while his sons Eric and Donald Jr. were fined $4 million each and barred from doing business for two years.

Victimless fraud?

Engoron - who found Trump guilty of fraud before the trial started - showed some self-control by stepping away from the more drastic penalty of dissolving Trump's business completely.

But his 92-page verdict does not conceal his contempt for the Trump family, describing Trump and his sons as "pathological" fraudsters whose misdeeds "leap off the page" - even though there are no victims in the case.

Engoron's bizarre verdict has raised eyebrows among legal experts who warn it could discourage business in New York. The judge's gratuitous shot at Ivanka is sure to be taken as further evidence of a personal bias.

President Trump has vowed to appeal the ruling, which he has blasted as politically motivated.

"President Trump will of course appeal and remains confident the Appellate Division will ultimately correct the innumerable and catastrophic errors made by a trial court untethered to the law or to reality," Trump's attorney Chris Kise told ABC News.

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