Judge will hear Trump's argument to throw out GA election interference case on First Amendment grounds

 March 30, 2024

Former President Donald Trump's lead attorney Steve Sadow officially introduced an argument to throw out the Georgia election interference case based on First Amendment grounds.

The Georgia case has been on hold for the past couple of months as Judge Scott McAfee sorted out allegations of corruption and unethical conduct by Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis.

Now that she has been allowed to remain on the case, although Trump has appealed that decision, the case can continue and Trump's attorneys are getting busy.

During a hearing on Thursday, Sadow argued that Trump's conduct following the 2020 presidential election was political speech which is protected by the First Amendment.

In his motion, Sadow stated, "The core political speech and expressive conduct alleged in this indictment against President Trump are protected from government regulation and thus criminal prosecution by the State."

Case over

Until 2020, it was accepted that questioning the outcome of the election was a natural thing that both political parties engaged in.

In fact, Hillary Clinton contends to this day that Trump was an illegitimate president and that the election was stolen from her. No one tried to convict her of election interference because both conservatives and liberals understood it was her right to make those claims.

However, when Trump argued that there were irregularities that indicated foul play in the 2020 election, Democrats began screeching about Trump undermining democracy and betraying the nation.

Sadow continued in his filing saying, "Criminalizing President Trump’s speech and advocacy disputing the outcome of the election—while speech endorsing the election’s outcome is viewed as unimpeachable—is thus blatant viewpoint discrimination."

Willis's case against Trump has been dead in the water for months and there is little sign that anything will change.

The case still doesn't have a trial date but Willis is fighting to get one before the election in November. However, due to the multiple indictments that Trump is facing, Willis may have to wait until after November to get thrashed in court by Trump's lawyers.

Trump's many battles

Trump is facing indictments in multiple states and all of those cases are being led by radical Democrat prosecutors who are attempting to take Trump to trial before November.

Not only are all these cases completely suspect and obviously political, but it won't be possible for all these cases to be litigated at the same time.

Furthermore, even if one of these cases against Trump succeeds, a conviction could very well boost Trump's profile with voters. The word is out, the indictments against Trump are obviously political in nature and many voters have become aware of that.

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