Jury members selected and seated on Day 1 of Hunter Biden's federal gun charges trial

 June 4, 2024

Hunter Biden's criminal trial on a trio of federal gun charges began on Monday with jury selection in a courtroom in Wilmington, Delaware.

Rather surprisingly to some, a jury of 12 members plus alternates were swiftly empaneled that same day, paving the way for opening arguments from the prosecution and defense to begin on Tuesday, according to The Independent.

Biden, who has been open about his past struggles with cocaine and crack addiction, is charged with making false statements on the federal firearm purchase form about his illicit drug addiction to unlawfully purchase and possess a handgun in 2018. Federal law makes firearm possession illegal for individuals with active addictions to illicit drugs.

Jury selected and seated in one day

NBC News reported that the jury in Hunter Biden's federal trial in Delaware was fully selected and seated by 4:20 pm Monday.

The jury includes a former U.S. Secret Service employee, several gun owners, and several members with personal connections to family members or friends who've struggled with drug addictions.

Several potential jurors were rejected and dismissed by one side or the other for having exceptionally strong views both ways about gun ownership and the Second Amendment, as well as the Justice Department and President Joe Biden and his family.

In fact, one potential juror was dismissed after he revealed that he had been personal friends with Beau Biden, the late older brother of Hunter and eldest son of the president.

"Guns, addiction, and politics" the main focus of jury selection discussion

According to CNN, much of the discussion during the jury selection process on Monday centered on "Guns, addiction, and politics," as all three of those issues will be featured heavily in the trial that will likely last for a couple of weeks.

Several of the jurors who were ultimately selected for the 12-member panel discussed their connections to loved ones who are or were drug addicts. That is key, as the defense reportedly plans to focus attention on Biden's interactions with other family members while dealing with his admitted addiction to crack cocaine.

It was also noted that several of the 16 jurors and alternates revealed that they were gun owners, including at least one who holds a concealed carry permit, while others who were selected shared their dim view of constitutional gun rights and support for restrictions like "assault weapons" bans or mental health screenings for prospective gun purchasers.

Prosecution previously laid out its case against Hunter

According to a trial brief submitted last month, Special Counsel David Weiss intends to prosecute Hunter Biden on three separate but related charges that include lying on the ATF Form 4473 about his illicit drug use and crack addiction and his unlawful possession of a firearm as a prohibited person due to said illicit drug addiction.

To prove the case, prosecutors will rely heavily on Biden's own admitted drug use at the time of the unlawful purchase of a revolver in 2018, largely by way of his autobiography but also through contemporaneous text messages, photos, and videos obtained from his laptop and iCloud account.

The prosecution will also call around a dozen witnesses, most prominently Biden's ex-wife and two ex-girlfriends, who are all expected to testify about their personal knowledge of his illicit drug use and crack addiction. Prosecutors will also call to the stand several subject matter witnesses.

If convicted on all counts, Biden could face up to 25 years in federal prison. Notably, CNN pointed out that President Biden has expressed his support for his legally troubled son but has "explicitly" ruled out issuing a pardon to absolve him of accountability for his alleged crimes.

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