Jussie Smollett to go back to jail after losing in Illinois appeals court

December 2, 2023

Actor Jussie Smollett, who in 2019 staged a fake hate crime and garnered worldwide media attention, just had another really bad day in court. 

According to ABC News, an Illinois appeals court affirmed Smollett's convictions this week, meaning the end of his attempts to fight the convictions.

The outlet noted that Smollett and his lawyers "challenged the role of a special prosecutor, jury selection, evidence and many other aspects of the case" in his appeals attempt, all to be shot down this week by the appeals court.

Smollett gained national prominence in the wake of his staged attack, even garnering sympathy and support from high-level Democratic politicians.

What does this mean?

Aside from the fact that his fate is now sealed, the most notable consequence of his loss in the appeals court system means he'll have to complete the 150-day jail sentence he given initially.

In total, Smollett only spent six days in jail until his appeals case was filed.

ABC News noted:

A jury convicted Smollett in 2021 on five felony counts of disorderly conduct, a charge that can be filed in Illinois when a person lies to police.

Ridiculously, Smollett's lawyers are now attempting to argue that the entire debacle was based on "playing politics" and blamed racism for Smollett's fate instead of taking accountability and admitting that their client is a convicted fraud.

His legal team threatened to take the case to the Illinois Supreme Court, according to his spokesperson, Holly Baird.

“We are preparing to escalate this matter to the Supreme Court," Baird said in a statement.

Social media reacts

Smollett was absolutely torched across social media, with many celebrating the fact that he'll have to finally finish his jail sentence.

"Remember ALL the support this pathological racist had from MSM and every democrat politician SMH," another X user wrote.

Hopefully, he gets to take his case to the state's high court, where he'll likely be shot down once again. That way we don't have to hear about it after that.

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