Just 2 months before his death, OJ Simpson told fans he was in 'good health'

 April 12, 2024

Football legend and accused murderer O.J. Simpson died this week at 76. 

His death came in the wake of his battle with prostate cancer, which was only revealed earlier this year before the Super Bowl.

According to the Daily Mail, in his last social media post, roughly two months ago, Simpson addressed his health and the concerns fans had regarding his well-being. In the video, Simpson assured those paying attention that he was in "good health."

Simpson, in the video, admitted that he was "dealing with some issues" but assured his followers that he was on the other side of it and working toward recovery.

What did he say?

The video, which was shot poolside, showed a fairly upbeat Simpson addressing multiple questions regarding his health.

"Thank you to all the people who reached out to me. My health is good," Simpson said. "Obviously I'm dealing with some issues, but I think I'm just about over it, and I'll be back on that golf course hopefully in a couple of weeks."

It was reported that Simpson produced the quick video to address rumors that he was in hospice care.

The New York Post reported:

Simpson’s post came just two days after it was revealed that the Pro Football Hall of Famer was battling prostate cancer and undergoing chemotherapy.

The ex-Buffalo Bills great — most widely known for his acquittal in 1995 in the murder case of his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ronald Goldman — was quick to deny rumors that he was in hospice care over the diagnosis.

The Daily Mail noted that Simpson had been spotted several times in Las Vegas, with those who saw him reporting that he looked "frail."

Social media reacts

Given his infamous background, social media users offered mixed reactions to his post, and to his death overall.

"Have you ever known someone with cancer? It's quite a roller coaster. People don't want to believe the end is near," one X user wrote.

Another X user wrote, "Sad, least he died via natural causes with family by his side. Juice, the legend. Hate that we're getting old, this is a reminder."

Simpson had amassed a significant following on his Twitter account prior to his passing.

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