Justice Alito responds to Democrats, says he will not recuse himself from certain cases over flag incident

 May 30, 2024

Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito has been under constant attack in the wake of the story of the upside-down American flag and an "Appeal to Heaven" that was flown at his private residence in 2021. 

Democrats have attempted to pressure the conservative justice into recusing himself from certain cases -- specifically Jan. 6-related cases and Trump-related cases.

According to Fox News, after weeks of pressure and media headlines, Alito finally responded to his critics.

Will he recuse himself from the cases they're demanding he recuse himself from? No.

What's happening?

Reportedly, in a series of letters Alito has penned to various members of Congress, the justice explained that he will not be recusing himself from such cases.

At issue is the fact that the flags were flown by his wife at the time with regard to a dispute she had with a neighbor. That's why even The Washington Post was aware of the story at the time but chose not to run it.

Alito made clear in his letters that he wasn't even aware of the flag situation at the time when it began, and had nothing to do with his wife's actions.

"I had nothing whatsoever to do with the flying of that flag," Alito wrote.

"I was not even aware of the upside-down flag until it was called to my attention," Alito continued. "As soon as I saw it, I asked my wife to take it down, but for several days, she refused."

Alito added, "My wife and I own our Virginia home jointly" and she "therefore has the legal right to use the property as she sees fit, and there were no additional steps that I could have taken to have the flag taken down more promptly."

Durbin throws a fit

Illinois Democratic Sen. Dick Durbin was one of the loudest on the left to call for Alito's recusal in the lead-up to the justice's response.

"Flying an upside-down American flag — a symbol of the so-called ‘Stop the Steal’ movement — clearly creates the appearance of bias," Durbin said recently, attempting to tie the justice to the 2020 election-related movement.

"Justice Alito should recuse himself immediately from cases related to the 2020 election and the January 6th insurrection, including the question of the former President’s immunity in U.S. v. Donald Trump, which the Supreme Court is currently considering," Durbin continued.

Only time will tell what Democrats will do in the wake of Alito's refusal to comply.

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