Justice Department backs down on case against Dem megadonor

 February 18, 2024

FCC insiders are expressing deep-seated concerns regarding a recent and unexpected maneuver by the Justice Department to settle a sprawling multi-billion dollar fraud lawsuit involving Democratic heavyweight Charlie Ergen's Dish Network and financial giant BlackRock.

This move, occurring just before scheduled depositions, has sparked considerable unease within the regulatory agency.

The lawsuit

At the heart of the lawsuit lies allegations stemming from a wireless spectrum auction, where Dish Networks, backed by BlackRock-financed entities Northstar Wireless and SNR Wireless, secured discounted "bidding credits" ostensibly reserved for small businesses.

"Charlie Ergen is trying steal the 12GHz band meant for space Internet. Not cool," Elon Musk posted to X.

Despite Dish's substantial valuation at the time, totaling over $3.3 billion, these credits purportedly edged out legitimate smaller enterprises from participating in the auction.

The Justice Department's recent directive to VermontTel, a smaller company embroiled in the litigation, to either settle or face dismissal of the case has raised eyebrows.

This ultimatum, delivered on the cusp of pivotal depositions, notably that of Dish's CEO Charlie Ergen, has drawn sharp criticism.

The letter

A leaked letter obtained by Breitbart News accuses the DOJ of placing the interests of a prominent political supporter above the government's mandate.

The protracted legal battle, spanning nearly nine years, has weathered numerous challenges, including attempts at dismissal.

The DC Circuit Court of Appeals has consistently upheld the suit's validity, spotlighting alleged covert agreements and de facto control wielded by Dish over Northstar and SNR.

The problem

Ergen, a figure of significant influence within Democratic circles, has come under scrutiny for his hefty political contributions and alleged manipulation of campaign donations from fellow executives. Dish Network's strategic maneuvers, such as the temporary suspension of Fox News in 2015, have also invited scrutiny.

The abrupt shift in the Justice Department's stance, particularly following recent legal triumphs, has left FCC officials baffled.

They question the underlying rationale behind this sudden change, underscoring the imperative of unearthing the truth and safeguarding taxpayers' interests.

The specter of potential fraudulent practices in the spectrum auction underscores the urgency of a meticulous investigation, whether through settlement negotiations or a protracted trial, to uphold principles of accountability and transparency in the regulatory arena.

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