Justice Department official denies blocking Hunter Biden investigation under oath

October 14, 2023

Top Justice Department official Matthew Graves denied under oath that he blocked then-U.S. Attorney David Weiss from investigating and charging Hunter Biden with crimes, counteracting at least two whistleblowers who said they witnessed interference.

CNN reported Graves' testimony in a private deposition as agreeing that he worked with Weiss on the investigation in a logistical capacity and ultimately declined to bring charges against Biden.

Graves said he did nothing to prevent Weiss from bringing his own charges, however.

"It was just assumed that, from the moment I got on the call, he was gonna be able to do whatever he needed to do in our jurisdiction to bring the case, if that was his prerogative," Graves said of Weiss.


No doubt Democrats and Biden lawyers are rejoicing at the testimony, which could discredit the whistleblowers that have caused a lot of headaches for them as they were trying hard to get Hunter Biden a sweetheart deal that would let him avoid jail time even though he failed to pay millions in taxes.

There are still many questions around Hunter Biden's actions, including why a benefactor gave him the money to pay the taxes and penalties he owed.

Other questions include why so many foreign businesses gave him money in the first place, and whether payments reported in bank transactions were ever included in said taxes.

These questions may not be directly related to what the whistleblowers said, but they are related--which explains why Democrats are so eager for them to be discredited on whether interference took place.

The scandal election

It has been said for some time that the whistleblowers' claims would have to be substantiated before any actions could be taken against President Joe Biden or other DOJ officials that they interfered to benefit Biden's son.

Now it seems that Republicans may have jumped the gun in assuming the whistleblowers were reliable.

Maybe a case can be made that Joe Biden didn't do anything wrong in this instance, as far as protecting his son from prosecution.

At any rate, there are plenty of other things to focus on, such as whether Hunter Biden was peddling influence by his father to get millions from foreign businesses.

Or we could focus on whether Joe Biden interfered in the 2024 election by urging his DOJ to charge former President Donald Trump with a whole lot of nonsense in trials that are likely to take place and/or conclude right before people vote.

There are so many questions it's hard to know where to focus, and partially discrediting a couple of whistleblowers does nothing to answer most of them.

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