Kamala Harris attempts another reboot as Biden stokes succession speculation

 May 27, 2024

No matter how many times the American people reject her, Kamala Harris isn't taking "no" for an answer.

The widely unpopular vice president is making another effort to rehabilitate her public image ahead of the 2024 election, the Daily Mail reported, with speculation building of Harris potentially taking the reins of power herself in a second Biden term.

Harris tries to reboot

Biden, who is known for his self-deprecating shtick, has often referred to Harris as his boss - sometimes accidentally.

While meeting with Kenyan leaders last week, Biden got confused and called Harris "the nation’s first black vice president, President Kamala Harris."

It's not a joke, given Biden's age of 81. If he wins re-election, Harris could very well be called to assume his role.

Outside of the Democratic base, Harris is broadly seen as awkward and incompetent.

Her several attempts at staging a political rebirth have failed to shift public opinion in her favor, but she isn't giving up yet.

The Biden campaign has sought to present Harris as the mother in a close-knit family, the Daily Mail noted, with carefully choreographed interviews involving Harris and her husband, Douglas Emhoff.

The difficulties Harris faces were evident in her widely panned talk with actor Drew Barrymore, who was mocked for calling Harris the "momala" of the country.

The moment was slammed as uncomfortable and even playing to racial stereotypes by some of Biden's own supporters.

Harris' husband also made a ham-fisted attempt to appear endearing during a sit-down interview with Stephen Colbert, known for his unhinged anti-Trump commentary.

"I will let you say Doug. But not Dougie," Emhoff teased to Colbert. "That's only for Kamala. She's the only one that can call me Dougie."

Biden leans on Harris

Harris has received more exposure ahead of the election as Biden's campaign taps "momala" as a messenger on the key issue of abortion, which Harris has championed as a sacred right.

Biden has also sought to shore up black support by emphasizing Harris' mixed racial heritage, which was the crucial factor in her elevation to vice president four years ago after her own presidential campaign crashed and burned.

During a stop at historically black Morehouse College, Biden predicted that Harris would "be president one day."

"No doubt that a Morehouse man will be president one day, just after an AKA from Howard," Biden said, referring to the initials of Harris' sorority Alpha Kappa Alpha.

Harris has also tried to emphasize her blackness by citing her preference for funk and R&B music, despite receiving backlash in the past for lying about her taste in hip-hop.

"I'm telling you, I just grew up with P-funk," she told talk show host Sherri Shepherd in a recent interview.

In her latest effort to look hip, Harris encouraged Asian people to force their way into positions of authority - like she has done - using a vulgarity to drive her point.

"Sometimes people will open the door for you and leave it open. Sometimes they won’t and then you need to kick that f***ing door down," she said.

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