Kamala Harris awkwardly repeats herself during African press conference

March 30, 2023

Vice President Kamala Harris embarked on a tour of Africa this week, with the BBC reporting that her first stop was in Ghana.

Yet according to Fox News, footage of Harris at a press conference with Ghanaian President Nana Akufo-Addo on Monday left some observers shaking their heads.

Harris awkwardly repeats herself during press conference

"There are a number of things on the issue of the economy as a whole that we must do … and a lot of that work is the work that I am here to do on the continent," Harris was quoted as saying.

She then went on to repeat herself, declaring, "As you have mentioned, we have had today, this afternoon, a wide-ranging discussion. We have discussed a number of important topics, including the importance of concepts and priorities such as freedom and liberty."

"The median age on the continent of Africa is 19," the vice president observed. "Think about what that means in terms of potential."

Chinese presence in Africa is growing

"Think about the fact that by 2050, one in four people occupying a place on Mother Earth will be on this continent, and what that means," she stressed.

Harris' performance led one Twitter user to remark, "I don't know which is more worrisome: that she constantly speaks in word salads, or that she's completely unaware she constantly speaks in word salads."

Fox News noted that Harris' trip is an attempt to shore up American influence in Africa even as China is strengthening its economic presence on the continent.

The network reported earlier this month that between 2010 and 2021, China was the number two arms supplier in Africa, second only to Russia.

Critics point to Harris' border failure

Some critics have expressed skepticism over whether Harris is qualified to promote American interests in Africa, and they included Hot Air contributor Jazz Shaw.

Shaw pointed out in an article published on Monday that Harris' earlier attempt to curb the migrant crisis has thus far been a failure.

"Keep in mind that Harris' only other official excursion abroad took her to the Northern Triangle region of Central America to deal with the border crisis and migration issues," he wrote.

"And you’ve already seen how well that worked out," Shaw stressed, adding, "Now she will be asked to fend off China in its bid to draw another part of the world that is rich in natural resources into its web. What could possibly go wrong?"

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