Kamala Harris embarks on African tour amid concerns about Chinese and Russian influence

 March 28, 2023

The BBC reported this weekend that Vice President Kamala Harris recently left for Africa amid "growing awareness that the US needs to deepen its engagement with the continent."

Her trip is scheduled to last for nine days and began on Sunday when she traveled to Ghana's Kotoka International Airport. Other destinations for the vice president include Tanzania and Zambia.

Harris announces $100 million in support for group of African countries

On Monday, the vice president announced that the Biden administration will be providing "$100 million in support for Ghana, Benin, Guinea, and Côte d’Ivoire, and Togo to support conflict prevention and stabilization efforts in Coastal West Africa."

The BBC cited an official statement that said Harris' journey is intended to "build on" the U.S.-Africa summit President Joe Biden hosted in Washington this past December where he declared that America is "all in on Africa's future."

Concerns about Russian and Chinese presence in Africa

The BBC also pointed out that the vice president's visit was planned as "competition from other global powers" grows in the regions, particularly from China and Russia.

However, some critics expressed skepticism over whether or not Harris is up to the job of countering America's adversaries given her track record.

They include Hot Air contributor Jazz Shaw, who asked in an article published on Monday, "Is this really the best we can do?"

Columnist recalls Harris' border failure

"Keep in mind that Harris’ only other official excursion abroad took her to the Northern Triangle region of Central America to deal with the border crisis and migration issues," he recalled.

"And you’ve already seen how well that worked out," Shaw added, referring to the ongoing migrant crisis along America's southern border.

"Now she will be asked to fend off China in its bid to draw another part of the world that is rich in natural resources into its web. What could possibly go wrong?" Shaw wondered.

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