Kamala Harris failed to investigate company represented by husband's law firm

 February 19, 2024

A new report suggests that Vice President Kamala Harris and her husband Douglas Emhoff were once involved in a major conflict.

The New York Post revealed in an article published on Saturday that it has obtained documents from Harris's time as attorney general of California.

Staff advised Harris to investigate supplement company

They include a memo provided to Harris in which staff advised her to investigate Herbalife, a dietary supplement and weight loss company.

Sent in March of 2015, the memo accused Herbalife of "engaging in a number of tactics designed to maximize the number of distributors selling its products, which results in cash flow back to those at the top of the organizational pyramid."

"Conducting an investigation of Herbalife at this juncture will send the message that this office takes continued monitoring and enforcement of its existing judgments very seriously," it continued.

"In addition, it will ensure that Herbalife is held accountable for the acts of its distributors," the document asserted.

First gentleman worked for law firm that represented Herbalife

Written by Supervising Deputy Attorney General Judith Fiorentini and Deputy Attorneys General Sanna Singer and Jinsook Otha, the memo went on to argue that Harris' office should deploy undercover investigators and subpoena company documents.

Harris ultimately declined to take action regarding Herbalife, a move some critics believe is linked to the fact that her husband worked for a law firm that represented the company.

Among the detractors is billionaire investor Bill Ackman, who serves as CEO of Pershing Square Capital Management.

The Post noted that Ackman shorted Herbalife in 2012 and has long alleged that the multi-level marketing company is plagued with impropriety.

"The whole situation is an incredibly damning indictment"

Ackman drew attention to Harris' actions in a social media post regarding a $200 million settlement Herbalife reached with the Federal Trade Commission.

"Interestingly, at that same time, AG Harris’ husband was a partner at Venable, one of HLF's top law firms," Ackerman wrote.

"The whole situation is an incredibly damning indictment of how our regulatory enforcement apparatus works," he added.

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