Kamala Harris gets brutal reviews from Texas residents

 February 1, 2023

Fox News interviewed Americans living near the southern border about Kamala Harris, and the reviews weren't very generous. 

The embattled vice president received ratings ranging from "B" to "Z" for her handling of the border crisis that has reached historic proportions on her watch.

Harris gets lacerating reviews

A North Dakota woman named Beverly gave Harris a "Z" and said Harris is indifferent to the problem.

"She was given this job, she doesn't take it seriously. She laughs and jokes around," she said.

Another woman gave Harris an "F" and said she "should really do a better job of who's coming in," while a man named Robert gave her a "C" and said Harris really should see the border firsthand.

Harris is said to be addressing the so-called "root causes" -- whatever that means -- of mass immigration from Latin America.

Her best efforts did not stop a shocking 2.8 million illegal immigrants from crossing the border in 2022 alone.

Bumbling veep in trouble

The vice president has been to the southern border once since being appointed to the role of border czar in the early months of the Biden administration.

Harris has been haunted by a notoriously awkward response to an interview question in which she said she hadn't "been to Europe" when pressed on her absence from the border.

Between her naked ambition and rambling speech, Harris hasn't won too many fans over the past two years, but Fox News did manage to find one supporter -- who said "Pamela" Harris is "doing a great job" juggling different assignments.

"She has a lot of things under her plate, not just the border czar," the woman, Bleu, said. "And her calendar has to take into account all those things."

Who's to blame?

Harris is said to resent the border appointment, which she sees as a burden on her political rise.

But Democrats see Harris going nowhere fast, with numerous sources telling the Washington Post in a fresh article they are "underwhelmed" by Harris' performance and unconvinced she has what it takes to be president. Ouch.

In her defense, President Biden hasn't done much either, unless you count lying about the border being "secure" to be a success.

Biden finally saw the border in person last month -- but it was a brief and all-too obvious photo-op.

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