Kamala Harris impersonator teaches Tucker Carlson to cackle

 February 6, 2023

While Vice President Kamala Harris has been harshly criticized for her failure to address America's ongoing border crisis, her personal behavior has sometimes raised eyebrows as well.

This includes her habit of awkwardly laughing at inappropriate times. During a humorous moment last week, one television personality learned the secret behind her famous cackle. 

TikTok star gives Tucker Carlson tips in impersonating Kamala Harris

According to Fox News, social media influencer Estee has gained prominence on the Chinese app TikTok in part for her ability to imitate Harris' mannerisms.

On Thursday evening, Estee attempted to give Fox News Tucker Carlson a lesson in mimicking the vice president's laugh.

Estee explained that she began using TikTok during the COVID pandemic and started impersonating Harris after getting requests to do so by her viewers.

Harris impersonator touches on yellow school buses and the passage of time

Estee later offered her impression of how Harris will react to the president's upcoming State of the Union address," saying, "Well, Tucker, I really want to make sure that we can galvanize our time. And when we get there, we want to lead Joe into the passage of time."

"But really, we don't want it to be too much into the passage. We're going to have a Venn diagram explaining everything," she continued.

"And hopefully, there will be yellow school buses," the online comedian concluded before once again giving a rendition of Harris' notorious cackle.

While it's unclear what the vice president thinks of Estee's impression, one recent report suggests that being mocked by a TikTok star could be the least of Harris' concerns.

Poll shows most likely voters think Biden should choose a new running mate

According to an article published by the Washington Post last Wednesday, a number of Democratic Party insiders are expressing doubts over whether Harris should be President Joe Biden's running mate next year.

What's more, a recent poll conducted by Rasmussen found that only 39% of likely voters think Harris should be on her party's ticket.

However, Los Angeles Times columnist Mark Z. Barabak put out a piece of his own last week in which he dismissed any talk of replacing the vice president.

He predicted that such a move "would risk a serious backlash from the Democratic base — especially Black women, who were crucial to Biden’s election."

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