Kamala Harris says she is ready to take the reins from Biden

 September 6, 2023

Kamala Harris made a hair-raising comment Wednesday about her political future - suggesting she is ready to "take over" if Joe Biden is no longer able to fulfill the duties of his office.

The notoriously bumbling vice president was unusually candid when pressed on the subject of succession, saying Biden is "going to be fine" but, just in case, she's ready to step up.

The public is skeptical of Biden's fitness, leading to speculation that he will step down or be removed before 2024. Biden is also facing mounting questions about corruption, although Republicans have yet to pull the trigger on impeachment.

Harris takes over...

An AP reporter asked Harris whether she feels "prepared" to take the reins, to which she responded "yes."

“Well, first of all, let’s — I’m answering your hypothetical, but Joe Biden is going to be fine. So that is not going to come to fruition,” Harris said.

She added that she took the oath of office understanding that she may have to "take over."

“But let us also understand that every vice president — every vice president — understands that when they take the oath, that they must be very clear about the responsibility they may have to take over the job of being president. I am no different.”

Biden's insurance policy

Since becoming VP, Harris has become a frequent target of mockery. Her incompetence is said to be a major source of anxiety for the Democratic party's elites, and her approval ratings are even worse than Biden's.

Harris - who was in Indonesia Wednesday to tout her foreign policy creds - revealed more evidence of her vacuous thought process, which often comes out in rambling, meaningless sentences:

Biden tapped Harris to in 2020 to fulfill a pledge to make a non-white woman his running mate. Harris' own presidential campaign had fizzled out after an initial splash of glamorous media coverage.

Harris' critics have often claimed that Biden deliberately chose her as a hedge against his removal.

That may be true - but events may leave Biden with no choice but to bow out. What then?

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