Kamala Harris staffers unhappy with food quality on Air Force Two: Report

 April 3, 2023

America is teetering on the brink of recession, the southern border is overrun, and the war in Ukraine is escalating with no end in sight. But there's another national crisis most Americans haven't even heard about.

Vice president Kamala Harris' staffers are unsatisfied with the quality of the food on Air Force Two.

The issue is apparently fueling some resentment toward the White House.

While Air Force One passengers get served filet mignon on gold-rimmed plates, Harris staffers get cold cuts, pasta salad, and potato chips packed in brown bags, disgruntled staffers said.

Harris staffers reject airplane food

A former Harris staffer described the food to Politico as "horrible slop."

“It’s a little more Southwest Airlines than Four Seasons,” the staffer said, adding, staffers often "take three bites of whatever is there and drop it on the table or put it back in the bag."

A White House official said that Harris aides are always pushing for a different menu, describing it as "a hot conversation within the office."

The food on board is so terrible that passengers "would pack their own snacks when they traveled," Politico added. Sometimes, aides would seek takeout.

But the grass is always greener: low-ranking Air Force One passengers are reportedly struggling to pay for their expensive meals. A former Biden employee said the food, though "truly incredible," could cost frequent travelers up to $1,000 a year.

No alcohol for abused staff

This is the latest petty contretemps to emerge between the White House and Harris' office, which has often been characterized as chaotic and overseen by a hectoring, insecure bully.

Indeed, Harris is known to be something of a diva who takes umbrage at real or perceived slights.

Harris recently started ignoring phone calls from Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Ma.) after she dared hesitate to endorse Harris for another term.

While Democrats fear voicing their concerns with Harris' poor performance, the vice president and her aides have often blamed "racism" and "sexism" for her unpopularity. They have also pointed the finger at President Biden for burdening Harris with unglamorous policy assignments.

While working for Harris is undoubtedly a very stressful job, there's no alcohol served on Air Force Two -- although, as anyone who has heard Harris give a speech can attest, it's probably for the best.

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