Kamala Harris won't say if there should be any limits on abortion

 September 11, 2023

Pro-life critics have long complained that the Democratic Party is growing increasingly extreme when it comes to abortion.

That phenomenon was on display this past weekend when Vice President Kamala Harris refused to say if there should be any limits on when an abortion can take place.  

"What week of pregnancy should abortion access be cut off"

According to the Daily Wire, Harris' comments came during a Sunday interview with CBS News host Margaret Brennan.

"What is it that you believe?" Brennan at one point asked the vice president. "I mean, what week of pregnancy should abortion access be cut off?"

"We need to restore the protections of Roe v. Wade," Harris responded, adding, "We’re not trying to do something new."

Harris calls Republican rhetoric on abortion "ridiculous"

"Let me be very clear. From day one, the president has been clear, I have been clear. We need to put back the protections that are in Roe v. Wade into law," Harris continued.

"Since the Supreme Court took it, Congress has the power and ability to pass legislation to put those protections back in law and Joe Biden will sign that bill. So, that is what we want," she insisted.

Although Roe v. Wade and Planned Parenthood v. Casey did permit states to restrict late-term abortion, they were under no obligation to do so.

When Brennan pointed out that Republicans have accused Democrats of supporting abortion up until birth, Harris called the claim "ridiculous," she refused to say when abortion should be outlawed.

Activist aborted her healthy baby at six and a half months

Polling data suggests that support for abortion goes down the later during a pregnancy it takes place, with a 2022 Pew Research survey finding that only 22% of Americans believe it should be available without any restrictions at 24 weeks.

While abortion advocates contend that late-term abortions only take place when the life or health of a month is at risk, that isn't the case.

During a 2019 interview with the Associated Press, pro-abortion activist Beth Vial explained that she aborted her healthy baby at six and a half months.

Vial claimed to have not realized she had gotten pregnant and said the abortion was necessary due to her being "housing insecure." This was despite the fact that her abortion cost over $10,000 and adoptive couples are easily found online.

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