Kamala's visibility raises 2024 speculation: report

 June 19, 2023

An increasingly visible Kamala Harris is raising speculation about 2024 as she comes under closer scrutiny. 

The notoriously bumbling vice president is front and center as her boss pursues re-election, the Washington Times reports, as doubts continue to persist about his fitness for the job.

It doesn't appear the White House is trusting Harris with complicated policy issues, leaving her instead to rile up the party's young voters with progressive dogma.

Harris in the spotlight

She spoke about "climate change" to high schoolers in Denver on Friday, where she exhorted "young leaders" to take action. Harris is slated to discuss abortion this weekend on the anniversary of Roe v. Wade's fall.

Harris' catastrophically bad public speeches have long been a target for mockery, and she is widely seen as a liability to the White House and her party. The conventional wisdom is that Harris is so incompetent, that she's a kind of insurance policy for her boss.

But Biden's poor approval ratings, age issues and mounting questions about his family's business dealings have caused some to speculate about his place at the top of the ticket in 2024.

The likes of Nikki Haley, who is running for president as a Republican, have said that Biden's weaknesses mean that Harris is effectively running for president.

“Joe Biden’s obvious mental and physical challenges make a vote for him really a vote for Kamala Harris,” Haley's campaign said, adding that Harris would "set a record for incompetence."

Cult of personality

Many will recall that Harris' 2020 campaign went over like a lead balloon despite breathless praise from media sycophants who attempted to build some kind of cult of personality around her.

Three years later, her cheerleaders are still desperately trying to make Harris appear likeable.

The political action committee Emily's List is pouring $10 million into the effort to touch Harris up ahead of 2024, and the group has already said it plans to use the popular Gen Z app TikTok to rally support for the embattled vice president.

She sounded like a Soviet commissar Friday as she urged the kids to spend their summer break "organizing" for the party.

“We need you to organize, and guess what? Summer break is a great time to organize,” Harris said. “Our nation is counting on you."

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