Kari Lake says Trump will choose 'America First' vice president

 February 26, 2024

As anticipation builds over Donald Trump's VP pick, one of his most vocal supporters, Kari Lake, said he will choose a running mate who is loyal to the "America First" movement. 

"I think he wants someone who’s going to be a good partner, who is going to fight for this country, who is America First, loves our country, is supportive, and loyal — to not only him, but [someone] who is going to do great things,” Lake said.

Kari Lake on Trump's VP

Lake spoke at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), where Trump delivered a rousing speech declaring himself a "proud political dissident."

In her own speech, Lake gave her wholehearted endorsement to Trump and his "alpha" leadership.

“We’re tired of the beta men,” she said, “and we got a No. 1 alpha man in Donald J. Trump.”

Lake, a Republican Senate candidate who is seen as a VP hopeful herself, said the field of "America First" candidates is broad during a separate interview.

The fiery populist even said Trump could choose an audience member at random.

“And the great thing is, we have so many great people in our America First movement — he could pick from literally hundreds of them,” Lake added.

VP hopefuls audition

Trump inched closer to winning the Republican primary on Saturday with a double-digit victory over Nikki Haley, his only remaining challenger, in her home state of South Carolina.

With Trump's nomination seen as all but secured, speculation has turned to who he will choose for a running mate.

But Trump has kept his cards close to the vest, leaving the country in suspense.

CPAC served as an audition of sorts, with speeches from top VP contenders including Lake, Kristi Noem, Vivek Ramaswamy, who challenged Trump in the primary, and former Democrat Tulsi Gabbard.

As potential running mates took turns flexing their "America First" bonafides, Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton joked, "It feels like I'm the only one here not running for vice president."

Noem and Ramaswamy were the top picks in a CPAC straw poll, with 15% each, followed by Gabbard at 9%, Elise Stefanik and Tim Scott tied at 8%, and Byron Donalds at 7%. Lake carried 6%.

Lake said she is "100%" in support of whoever Trump chooses and emphasized that she is focused on winning her Senate race in Arizona.

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