Kari Lake shaping up as leading contender as Trump VP, report claims

 November 22, 2023

Kari Lake may be running as a Republican candidate for the Senate in Arizona, but one report claims she's seeking the role of vice president.

A Vanity Fair report reveals that the signs are pointing to the White House instead of Capitol Hill for the former candidate for governor in Arizona.

The discussion

"While the ex-president reportedly has his mind set on a female running mate and considers Lake a prime pick for the job, she would no doubt make for an unusual choice," the outlet claimed.

"Lake has no experience as an elected official and little national recognition to speak of, having spent the bulk of her professional life working as a local news anchor. It also doesn’t help that some in Trumpworld have been put off by Lake’s arriviste instincts," it added.

One of several female contenders?

"Former President Trump is strongly considering picking a female running mate — and sees Kari Lake as a model for his vice presidential pick, according to people who discussed the topic with him," Axios reported in May.

"Trump is already gaming out the general election in November 2024 — and knows he has a massive weakness with the white suburban women he would need to beat President Biden," it continued.

Fighting for Arizona

Last month, Lake officially announced her campaign to become an Arizona senator.

"Arizona Republican Kari Lake, a far-right ally of Donald Trump, on Tuesday is expected to announce her candidacy for her party's U.S. Senate nomination, in what could be a highly competitive three-way general election race in November 2024," Reuters reported in October.

"Arizona is already one of the most politically competitive U.S. states but its Senate race became all the more so after Senator Kyrsten Sinema in December dropped her Democratic affiliation and declared herself an independent," it noted.

So far, Trump leads in the GOP primary battle, while Lake is fighting for a lead in the early battle for the Senate.

Time will tell if the rumors are true, but Lake will be in the election discussion in either case in 2024.

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