Kate Middleton is at the center of another photograph incident

 March 15, 2024

Kate Middleton, the Princess of Wales, who is married to Prince William, has found herself at the center of another photograph controversy. 

This time, the Daily Mail reports that "an anomaly" has been found in a photograph that was taken when she recently left Windsor Castle, via car, with Prince William.

"Kate, 42, has been caught up in another photo mystery as royal sleuths spotted an anomaly in the snap of her leaving Windsor Castle in a car with Prince William on Monday as he headed to Westminster Abbey for the annual Commonwealth Day service," the outlet reports.

So, what is the anomaly?

The background is all wrong

The photograph is a close-up of Middleton and Prince William in the back seat of a car. Through the windows, in the background of the picture, you can see the brickwork of a building. You can also see the brickwork above the car.

But, here's the problem: the brickwork through the windows does not match the brickwork above the car.

This has led to more accusations of deception, particularly after the Mother's Day family picture debacle.

The Daily Mail reports a social media user as writing, "The deception continues. If Kate can dress up and come out, why has there not been a video of her like King Charles instead of a manipulated photo? Prince William is hiding under his wife's skirt to deflect from his fraudulently manipulated picture. #PhotoGate.'"

Was this photograph, for whatever reason, edited like the Mother's Day one?

It's unclear

Thus far, we do not have an explanation of why the brickwork in the background is so different. Both Jim Bennett, the photographer who captured the image, and Goff Photogs, Bennett's agency, have denied that they have "doctored" the photo.

Bennett told People magazine, "We don’t change our photos in Photoshop other than adjusting the light levels if necessary. Car shots are unpredictable at the best of times and with some reflection on the glass it can be difficult."

So, for now, the situation remains a mystery. Many social media users continue to try to solve it.

For example, Lauren Kiehna, the writer and editor of The Court Jeweller, suggested that the photograph is exactly how it should be if you are familiar with the building. "Those who are worried about the brick patterns on the wall/building in the background might want to consult Google Maps," she said, posting a photograph of the building.

This, however, is probably not going to be enough to stop the rumors and speculation.

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