Katie Couric admits that Trump seems to have "an edge" despite legal problems

 May 30, 2024

Former President Donald Trump's legal problems got worse on Thursday after he was convicted in New York of falsifying business records.

Yet despite his tribulations, liberal news anchor Katie Couric recently acknowledged that Trump continues to have "an edge" over President Joe Biden. 

Trump is "gaining momentum, not losing it"

According to Fox News, Couric made the reluctant admission earlier this week during an episode of Fox 11's "The Issue Is."

"It seems that Donald Trump has the edge right now, despite all of his legal woes and the fact that, y'know, he's on trial and Stormy Daniels and Michael Cohen," Couric was quoted as saying.

She went on to add that the presumptive Republican nominee "seems to be, surprisingly, gaining momentum, not losing it."

Biden has been hesitant to sit down for interviews

"The Issue Is" host Elex Michaelson seemed to concur, and cited Biden's newfound willingness to debate Trump as sign the president "and his campaign know that they’re losing, that there’s this feeling that they need to shake up the race."

"They need to do it now that they’re aware that this narrative exists, that Joe Biden is old and weak and out of control," he added.

"If you put him on the stage next to Trump, he has the opportunity to disprove that. But that's also a risk, because he has the opportunity to prove that, too," Michaelson stressed.

Couric agreed that Biden has thus far been "very selective" when it comes to deciding who he will sit down for an interview with.

She argued that "it would behoove him to get out there more, to talk more, because I think the less you talk, the higher the stakes are when you do."

Poll shows Biden and Trump tied in blue Virginia

Couric went on to maintain that the president's reticence to interact "[o]nly reinforces this notion that he is not up to the job."

The suggestion that Trump holds an advantage over his successors seems to be borne out by polling data, with the Real Clear Politics survey aggregate putting him ahead of Biden by 0.9% in the national popular vote.

Meanwhile, a Roanoke College poll released this week showed Trump and Biden as being tied in Virginia, a state which has not voted Republican at the presidential level since 2004.

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