Kellyanne Conway suggests possible criteria for Trump's VP pick

 February 11, 2024

Most polls suggest that former President Donald Trump seems all but assured of winning the Republican Party's nomination.

That has led to speculation over who Trump will announce as his running mate. While he has yet to give any indication as to who he will pick, one former aide has a suggestion. 

Kellyanne Conway says Trump should pick someone who can help govern

According to Newsweek, former Trump campaign manager and senior White House advisor Kellyanne Conway recently weighed in on the type of person he should look for.

"This time, it has to be someone that's not a distraction to needs to be someone that doesn't just help Trump win, but helps him govern," Conway told Fox News on Thursday.

"He can look at people ready on day one like [Mike] Pompeo, Tom Cotton, Marco Rubio but I think pick[ing] a woman is limited because we beat Hillary Clinton in 2016, she was about to [be] the first female president in the United States," she continued.

Conway went on to add that she believes the former president should "pick a person of color" to join him on the ticket.

Former campaign manager suggests a person of color

Newsweek noted that this was not the first time Conway has addressed the issue of Trump's running mate, as she previously did so in a New York Times op-ed piece published earlier this month.

The former Trump White House advisor began by examining a number of possible names, including New York Rep.  Elise Stefanik, Arkansas Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders, South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem and Tennessee Sen. Marsha Blackburn.

"Taking all of this into consideration, if I were advising Mr. Trump, I would suggest he choose a person of color as his running mate, depending on vetting of all possibilities and satisfaction of procedural issues like dual residency in Florida," she wrote.

Conway's remarks to Fox News came one day before Vox published a list of individuals who are rumored to be on Trump's vice presidential shortlist.

Tim Scott and J.D. Vance are possible contenders

In addition to Stefanik and Noem, the list reportedly includes South Carolina Republican Sen. Tim Scott, who is currently the GOP's only African American senator.

Vox pointed to the electoral gains Trump made with non-white voters in 2020 and suggested that Scott could help him to "cement" that momentum.

"Scott is also a religious social conservative with political views broadly in line with Trump's," Vox went on to point out.

Another to come up was freshman Ohio Republican Sen. J.D. Vance, someone the website believes "could resonate with the base."

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