Kevin McCarthy faces backlash from some Republicans over debt deal

 May 31, 2023

A debt ceiling agreement was recently reached between the Biden administration and House Speaker Kevin McCarthy. Yet while McCarthy was able to win over the White House, some in his own party aren't on board.

According to the Washington Examiner, Freedom Caucus members are actively trying to derail the deal, with some even suggesting that McCarthy's speakership is finished. 

House Freedom Caucus says McCarthy "totally failed to deliver"

They include House Freedom Caucus Chairman Scott Perry, who touted the "Limit, Save, Grow Act." It was passed by the House in April and imposed more significant spending reductions.

"Speaker McCarthy had a mandate from the American people negotiated with a powerful negotiation position of a unified Republican Party, not only just in the House but in the House and the Senate, to hold the line for the bill that we passed," the Examiner quoted Perry as saying on Tuesday.

"This bill that we've heard about totally failed to deliver on all of it," the Pennsylvania congressman went on to declare.

Perry is not alone in opposing McCarth's deal, as the Examiner noted that 19 other members of the speaker's party are lining up against him.

Montana representative calls deal "an insult to the American people"

They include Texas Republican Rep. Chip Roy, who was quoted as saying, "Not one Republican should vote for this deal. It’s a bad deal."

As Fox News reported, Montana Republican Rep. Matt Rosendale posted a tweet on Tuesday in which he slammed McCarthy's "Fiscal Responsibility Act" as "the Fiscal Irresponsibility Act" while denouncing it as "an insult to the American people."

"It adds $4 trillion to our existing $31 trillion national debt and continues to fund the Democrats’ and Biden Administration’s radical agenda," he complained, adding, "I will NOT be supporting this deal crafted by the Swamp!"

Congressman suggests vote on ending McCarthy's leadership

Meanwhile, the Examiner noted that North Carolina Republican Rep. Dan Bishop has gone so far as to suggest that a motion to vacate McCarthy's speakership should be made.

"I think it's got to be done," Bishop said. "I think it is a question of the time and place … of those people who have the courage to deal with this problem for the American people."

For his part, Perry stopped short of endorsing that call, he did not oppose it either, saying, "I'll let each member speak for themselves."

"But for me, I am focused on defeating this bill. What happens post-that and the agreements that we have, we will decide once we determine the disposition of this bill and its finality," he stressed.

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