Kevin McCarthy to Senate Democrats: 'Do not send an omnibus over here'

 January 11, 2023

Conservatives were outraged last month after congressional Democrats passed their $1.7 trillion omnibus spending bill.

However, new House Speaker Kevin McCarthy recently made clear that the legislation was the last of its kind.

According to Breitbart, McCarthy said during an interview Tuesday with Fox News host Sean Hannity that there will be no more omnibus spending bills on his watch.

"McCarthy to Chuck Schumer: Do not send an omnibus over here"

McCarthy told Hannity that he wants "to empower the Republicans in the Senate, utilize us. Schumer runs the Senate, but it’s a close majority, but — why don’t they work with us?"

"So, I’m setting up every committee chair here to work with the ranking Republican over there. Let’s talk with our bills together," he continued.

"Let’s take their amendments, put them into ours, and move them over there to empower them to be stronger. If I said — right now, I’ve told Schumer, do not send an omnibus over here," McCarthy insisted.

"If you don’t pass appropriation bills, we’re not taking it up," he warned. "So, we’ll pass our appropriation bills and then send a continuing resolution.

"We’re not shutting down the government," the newly elected House speaker pledged, adding, "We’re doing our work."

"And we’re setting it up where the American public is protected, but we’re also putting a little cut on there…like the penny plan," he concluded. As Fox News explained in 2015, the penny plan is a Tea Party-era proposal that requires federal agencies to find one penny of savings out of every tax dollar spent.

Meanwhile, the network reported on Tuesday that House Republicans are hoping to pass a 55-page set of rules aimed at curbing excessive government spending.

Proposed rules will require budget cuts to offset new spending

Among its provisions is a "Cut-As-You-Go" policy (CUTGO) under which a piece of legislation cannot be considered if it increases mandatory spending over a five or 10-year period.

"A bill or joint resolution, amendment, or conference report carrying a federal income tax rate increase may not be considered as passed or agreed to unless so determined by a vote of not less than three-fifths of the Members voting, a quorum being present," Fox News quoted the rules as saying.

What's more, the rules also require separate votes to raise the debt ceiling rather than allowing Congress to automatically increase it by passing a budget resolution.

Fox News pointed out that the debt ceiling currently stands at $31.38 trillion, a figure which is very close to being reached.

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