Kevin O'Leary slams AOC for helping to turn her district into a 'Third World Country'

 April 6, 2024

Kevin O'Leary, the renowned investor who is also known for starring on Shark Tank, recently slammed U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) for the way she has been running her district. 

O'Leary, according to Fox News, did so during a recent interview on OutKick's Maintaining with Tyrus. 

There, O'Leary referred to Ocasio-Cortez as a "great politician."

But, at the same time, he said that she has done a "horrific" job managing her congressional district.

It "looks like a Third World country"

O'Leary told Tyrus, "I look at AOC, what an incredible, incredibly successful politician she is and what a horrific manager she is. Her jurisdiction looks like a Third World country."

The Shark Tank star went on to bring up the infamous incident in which Ocasio-Cortez played a large role in derailing Amazon's plan to set up shop in New York City. In the process, Ocasio-Cortez cost the city tens of thousands of jobs.

"She’s great at social media and making outrageous statements and getting $5 at a time on, you know, every way she can on social. Good for her, but, wow, look what she did when Amazon came knocking for 10,000 jobs," O'Leary said.

The investor went on to ask New York City voters why they would want to "reward" Ocasio-Cortez will more time in Congress.

He said:

Why would you want to reward that? Why wouldn’t you say, ‘Excuse me. Could I get better management, please? I live here. I pay taxes here and I’d like a job. And I don’t think you’re doing a great job for me as a manager. How about I hire somebody else? That’s what I would encourage.

It's true

O'Leary is not alone in describing Ocasio-Cortez's district as a third-world country.

Fox, separately, has reported, "An area in Squad member Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s district is being described as looking more like a Third World country as opposed to a thriving American neighborhood, as desperate migrants block up sidewalks selling food and shilling clothing items while prostitutes openly solicit sex from passersby — reportedly including teens."

The outlet goes on to describe some areas of having "deteriorated into a large flea market with trash overflowing on street corners," while other areas have "become so renowned for its prostitution that locals have nicknamed [them]."

Yet, Ocasio-Cortez and others have managed to keep their government positions.

O'Leary, during his appearance, said that the good thing about a democracy is that bad politicians can be voted out of office. We'll have to see if, in the upcoming election, this happens to Ocasio-Cortez.

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