Late-night 'comedian' Jimmy Kimmel viciously mocks CPAC attendees and Trump in monologues

 March 4, 2023

The annual Conservative Political Action Conference, better known simply as CPAC, kicked off on Wednesday at a convention center in National Harbor, Maryland, just outside Washington D.C., and is set to conclude on Saturday following a keynote address from former President Donald Trump.

Of course, as usual, the left-leaning media has smeared and demeaned attendees and participants, and that was exemplified by the mockery espoused by ABC late-night host Jimmy Kimmel, according to Newsbusters.

Predictably, he accused everyone at CPAC of being "fascist" and "racist" and "crazy," and took several obligatory shots at the former president that he has so clearly despised for the past eight years.

Kimmel mocks CPAC attendees, Trump

During his monologue to start his program on Wednesday, Kimmel said, "In Washington, the fascist and the furious have gathered to praise their lord and savior, Donald Trump, at the annual CPAC convention. This is a convention for all your worst aunts and uncles."

"It’s -- Mar-a-Loudo is performing on Saturday night," the purported comedian continued. "He’s giving a big speech, he said, 'I will be at CPAC on Saturday, talking about the fact that obviously, our country is going to 'hell,' and how to fix it. Or at least the first part."

Then, in a reference to both the hit Disney+ series "The Mandalorian" as well as Trump's frequent posting on his Truth Social platform, Kimmel said, "The Tandalorian was very fired up today. He wrote 'They're not' -- in all caps -- 'coming for me, they're coming for you, I'm just in their way.'"

"No, they're coming for you," the late-night host continued. "When you get arrested? None of the rest of us are going to prison with you. You're going to be in there, begging for hairspray alone."

Kimmel added of the annual convention for conservatives, "This CPAC event, it’s kind of hard to explain, every, like, low-rent radio host and podcast racist with a dye job and a fleece vest shows up to try to out-crazy each other."

CPAC = "Clowns Periodically Assembling in Convention Centers"

The New York Times -- the epitome of the left-leaning media -- reveled in the jokes about CPAC from Kimmel on Tuesday and other late-night hosts like NBC's Jimmy Fallon and shared some of what it considered to be the best and funniest of the one-liners mocking conservatives.

Calling CPAC an "annual gathering of the MAGA-los," Kimmel said the convention was "a chance for the far right to get together and share crazy thoughts."

He joked that "CPAC stands for 'Clowns Periodically Assembling in Convention Centers,'" and that "They started it with the traditional 21 assault rifle salute and the pledge of allegiance to Donald Trump."

Kimmel also took a swipe a former Vice President Mike Pence for supposedly hating LGBT individuals in relation to the name of the convention center where CPAC takes place and said, "The conference is being held at the Gaylord Harbor National Resort and Convention Center, which is another reason Mike Pence won’t come."

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