Kushner announces support for Trump 2024

 October 14, 2023

In case there were any doubts, Jared Kushner has just made it clear that he is supporting former President Donald Trump campaign to regain the U.S. presidency in 2024. 

Kushner made his support known during a recent appearance on the Lex Fridman Podcast.

Kushner is the husband of Ivanka Trump, one of the former President Trump's daughters. Additionally, Kushner was a key member of the Trump administration, where he was a top advisor to his father-in-law, and, as such, helped to broker the historic Abraham Accords.

Since the end of Trump's presidency, however, both Kushner and Ivanka Trump have kept a low profile, seemingly trying to distance themselves from the world of politics. This has led some commentators to try to suggest that they might not be supporting Trump in 2024. But, it appears that this claim is just false.

Kushner on Trump 2024

During his podcast appearance, Kushner made it clear that he is standing behind Trump in 2024. He did so while talking about foreign policy, specifically about how president Joe Bidedn's foreign policy has differed from that of  his predecessor.

"I do think that the job [Trump] did as a foreign policy president was tremendous. Now, more and more people are beginning to recognize that," Kushner said.

Kushner continued by highlighting the fact that, under Biden's leadership, two wars have now broken out: the Russia-Ukraine war and the Israel-Hamas war.

Referring to the latter, Kushner said, "Now, under President Biden, this is the second war that's broken out in the world, and when you have weak leadership, the world becomes a less safe place."

It is for this reason that Kushner said that he is hoping for Trump to regain the presidency in 2024. He said, "My hope and prayers are that President Trump is reelected and that he's able to then restore calm and peace and prosperity to the world."

Silencing the critics?

This statement from Kushner should be enough to silence any of the critics who seem to be trying to drive a wedge between Kushner, Ivanka, and Trump.

It is true that both Kushner and Ivanks have been quiet since the end of the Trump administration. But, now, they have both put out clear statements supporting the former president.

In case you missed it, Ivanka, on the day Trump announced his 2024 candidacy, explained that, this time around, politics will be taking a back seat to her children and her family. But, she also made it clear that she still supports him, writing, "I love my father very much."

So, it is clear that both Kushner and Ivanka are supporting Trump in 2024.

It is unlikely, though, that this will be enough to stop the gossip-type stories about Kushner and Ivanka that continue to pop up from time to time.

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