Laken Riley called 911 before being allegedly murdered by illegal immigrant from Venezuela

 February 29, 2024

Nursing student Laken Riley called 911 during an alleged attack on the UGA campus by illegal Venezuelan immigrant Jose Ibarra that eventually ended her life, documents released by police on Wednesday revealed.

Police confirmed that Riley was connected to a dispatcher before the call was cut off, and charged Ibarra with violently interfering with a 911 call in addition to other charges against him. They would not release the audio of the call, however.

Ibarra is charged with attacking Riley with an unknown object between 9 a.m. and 1 p.m., on February 22, then dragging her body into the bushes to hide it.

She died from blunt force trauma, police said.

Mayor under fire

The case has thrown a spotlight on illegal immigration due to Ibarra's status as an illegal immigrant since 2019 along with his brother Diego Ibarra, who has also been arrested for presenting police a fake green card.

Mayor of Athens, Georgia where the murder took place Kelly Girtz is under fire after multiple illegal immigrants were found living in an apartment where the Ibarras also lived.

Officials have denied an illegal immigrant problem in Athens, but the murder and the apartment crowded with illegals have shown how false that narrative is.

Accusations of Athens being a sanctuary city where illegals are welcome have also been denied, but only because Georgia doesn't allow sanctuary cities.

Lawmakers outraged

A number of lawmakers in the state have shared their outrage over the murder and its connection to illegal immigration.

“The blood of Laken Riley is on the hands of Joe Biden, Alejandro Mayorkas, and the government of Athens-Clarke County. The Venezuelan suspect in Laken Riley’s murder is one of millions of illegal aliens that the Biden administration has released into this country to be welcomed with open arms by Democrat-run sanctuary jurisdictions. This man had no business being in America, much less the UGA community to brutally murder this young American while she was on a run,” Georgia state Rep. Mike Collins (R), who represents Athens, said in part.

Georgia Sen. President Pro Tem John Kennedy (R) said that de facto sanctuary city policies “embolden criminals and endanger Georgians at the expense of the taxpayer. Let me be clear, politicians that put their political agenda over public safety should keep Georgians awake at night. The stakes are too high, and tragedies like this senseless act of violence reaffirm that we cannot tolerate incompetence or willful negligence in our criminal justice system.”

Governor Brian Kemp (R) criticized President Joe Biden's lax immigration policies for bringing in illegal immigrants who sometimes commit crimes.

“Laken Riley’s tragic death struck the hearts of Georgians everywhere and has rightfully sparked national outrage,” Kemp said in a statement. “As I have said many times before: every state is now a border state because of Joe Biden’s inaction, and today I am again demanding answers and information from the Biden Administration that will help us protect our citizens when the federal government will not.”

Deborah Gonzalez, the Democrat district attorney whose job it was to prosecute Ibarra, removed herself from the case and appointed a special prosecutor after she was criticized for failing to get even one guilty verdict during her time in office.

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