Larry Hogan drops out of 2024 race, says he can't compete with DeSantis and Trump

 March 6, 2023

As the 2024 presidential race begins to show signs of life, the potential Republicans in the mix are all making waves or at least trying to.

According to Fox News, one likely 2024 GOP candidate, former Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan, essentially dropped out of the race before officially jumping in. The former governor cited several reasons for announcing this week that he's no longer interested in the White House.

Hogan's announcement came via an interview on Sunday's CBS's Face the Nation.

His main concern seemed to be the polling numbers he and several others who are not named Ron DeSantis or Donald Trump are pulling, and the numbers are low.

Huge competition

During the interview, Hogan essentially admitted that he realized there's no way he's rising above the budding battle between Trump and DeSantis.

"I did give it serious consideration, and I talked to people everywhere, and I talked to my family, and it was a tough decision, but I’ve decided that I will not be a candidate for the Republican nomination for president," Hogan said.

He continued, "It’s really mostly about the country and about the party," Hogan said. "The personal decision – it was like, I didn’t need that job. I didn’t need to run for another office… I was considering it because I thought it was a public service, and maybe I could make a difference."

Then he got to the real reason as to why he made the wise decision to opt out this time around.

I didn’t want to have a pileup of a bunch of people fighting. Right now, you have Trump and DeSantis at the top of the field soaking up all of the oxygen, getting all of the attention," he added. "And then a whole lot of the rest of us in single digits. And the more of them you have, the less chance you have for somebody rising up."

Thankfully, Hogan just saved a lot of donors a lot of money, because he just doesn't have the name recognition or popularity to come close to the Republican powerhouse candidates.

Trump takes jab

Hogan's news seemed to disappoint former President Donald Trump, who made a quick statement about Hogan jumping out on his Truth Social platform.

"Too bad Larry Hogan, the RINO Former Governor of Maryland, is dropping out of the Presidential Race. While he didn’t stand a chance, he would have been fun to practice on!" Trump wrote on Monday.

Hogan never stood a snowball's chance, and he should be commended for being one of the first otherwise ambitious Republicans to admit that this time around, it's likely down to two candidates.

Only time will tell if any other potential challengers see the light, or if any of them are brave enough to make a solid run for the nomination.


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