Las Vegas comic Geechy Guy dies at 59

September 9, 2023

The Las Vegas comedy scene lost one of its greats recently, stunning fans of the late comic. 

According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Geechy Guy, a favorite Vegas-based comedian who was known for his "joke grenades," died at age 59, according to his landlord, housemate and fellow comedian, Jerry Jones.

Sadly, Guy was found unresponsive in his bedroom by the Metropolitan Police Department during a welfare check.

It was noted that Guy had a "recent" history of health concerns, including high blood pressure. A team of nurses had recently visited him prior to his death.

Statement released

Guy's family and friends released a touching statement regarding their beloved's untimely passing in an Instagram post.

"We are so, extremely heartbroken to share the untimely passing of Michael Paul Cathers, better known as Geechy Guy (King of the One-Liners.) He was gearing towards live shows this year and next across the US, and was really looking forward to performing and seeing fans, both old and new," the statement read.

It added, "Geechy recently shared with a friend that he believed this would be the best year of his career. We take comfort in knowing that his final thoughts were happy, excited and about comedy, of course. We hope everyone will keep Geechy and his comedy legacy alive. We know there is nothing he would love more than his jokes to outlive him; for the rest of our lifetimes, and then beyond that."

"Geechy, we will miss you so much. Thank you for not only the decades of laughter, but your kind heart and brilliant mind. We love you. Geechy Guy forever."

"He looked like he was just fast asleep," Jones said. "There wasn’t anything unusual, he just looked peaceful, with the covers over his shoulders. He had a terrible sleep schedule, and would sleep 14 or 15 hours straight. For him to be in his room for that long wasn’t anything surprising."

Tributes pour in

Given his popularity and reputation in the biz, it's not surprising that Guy received an outpouring of remembrance across social media.

"We're sad to hear about the passing of Geechy Guy. He was a unique and talented comedian and will be missed," one X user wrote.

Clearly, Guy left a mark on the comedy business, and will be missed by family, friends, and fans around the world.

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