Lauren Boebert introduces impeachment articles against Joe Biden

 June 21, 2023

Tensions ratcheted up on Capitol Hill this week when Colorado Republican Rep. Lauren Boebert introduced articles of impeachment against President Joe Biden. 

According to the Washington Examiner, Boebert introduced the articles on Tuesday. They include one count of abuse of power along with one count of dereliction of duty.

Boebert points to "invasion at the southern border"

The Colorado congresswoman accused Biden of having facilitated the "complete and total invasion at the southern border" by ending immigration policies inherited from his predecessor.

They include Title 42, a Trump-era COVID policy which allowed Border Patrol agents to swiftly expel those who entered the country illegally.

The policy came to an end on May 11, and Fox News reported on Tuesday that Customs and Border Protection (CPB) personnel logged 204,561 encounters with illegal migrants last month.

Marjorie Taylor Greene introduced similar motion

The Examiner noted that Boebert's motion has thus far been co-sponsored by Florida Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz and Arizona Republican Rep.  Elijah Crane.

Interestingly, Georgia Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene told Politico that while Boebert did not co-sponsor her own impeachment articles last month, she nevertheless supports her Colorado colleague's move.

"I had introduced articles of impeachment on exactly all the same reasons and she didn't co-sponsor mine," Greene was quoted as saying.

"Then she did her own and introduced them on the floor. I don't know why, I'd asked her to co-sponsor. But I support it," the Georgia lawmaker went on to add.

House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer uncommitted

Meanwhile, Fox News reported that Boebert's impeachment articles appear to have ruffled some feathers among members of her own party.

They include House Oversight Committee Chairman James, who told Fox News that he has not yet decided whether to get on board.

"I don't like how she presented it by bypassing the committee process, especially when the investigation in the Oversight Committee, which she's on, is producing new information almost daily," Comer told the network.

The Examiner noted that while Boebert's motion to impeach needs only a majority vote to pass in the House, securing a conviction will require obtaining two-thirds support in the Democrat-controlled Senate, something many observers see as unlikely to happen.

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