Lawyer for Epstein's victims says FBI is turning a blind eye

 April 27, 2024

Many are wondering why certain child sex predators are being given more attention than others. 

An example of that would be the victims of former USA Gymnastics doctor Larry Nassar, who received justice -- at least monetarily -- thanks to a ruling handed down by the Department of Justice.

While that's good news for the victims who suffered horribly under his care, it raised questions as to why victims of deceased child sex predator Jeffrey Epstein haven't been afforded similar justice. It is because of his connections to former President Bill Clinton and other high-profile people? Who knows.

The situation was brought to light in a big way this week after Business Insider ran a story titled, "The FBI continues to ignore Jeffrey Epstein's victims even after reaching $139 million settlement for botched Larry Nassar investigation."

What's going on?

Nassar's victims were the recipients of a massive, $138.7 million settlement split among 100 claims brought against Nassar.

BI noted:

It was announced nearly three years after the Justice Department's internal watchdog found that the FBI botched its handling of its investigation into Nassar, who has been the subject of hundreds of sexual abuse claims and is currently serving over a century in prison sentences after being convicted of sexual assault and child pornography charges.

However, Epstein's victims, of which there are many, have not received the same level of priority, at least according to the attorney handling roughly 30 of Epstein's victims.

Attorney Jordan Merson explained his frustrations to BI.

"We are happy that the FBI has resolved those cases so that the Nassar victims can have that sense of accountability, responsibility, and justice and try to get some peace moving forward," Merson told BI.

He added, "But it's curious as to why the FBI won't do the same thing in this case, won't allow these women who have bravely come forward to get that accountability, responsibility, and justice."

FBI director not interested?

Merson claimed that FBI Director Christopher Wray has seemingly turned a blind eye to Epstien's victims, at least according to the mountains of paperwork and claims he's filed in a lawful manner to get them some level of justice.

"The FBI has so far shown no interest in resolving these cases amicably," Merson said.

He added, "And it makes you scratch your head. Like, why is that? And what about this case? Why are they out these women who have come forward with claims against Jeffrey Epstein and the FBI's role?"

Standard claims filed with the FBI on the victims' behalf, which afford federal agencies the opportunity to quietly settle claims before they turn into lawsuits, have been ignored, Merson said. Very interesting.

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